About ATMOsphere

Why ATMOsphere?

ATMOsphere events aim to be the place to discuss all matters related to natural refrigerants. By bringing you key players in the industry, all the way from policy makers to manufacturers to end users, we provide a complete picture of the latest developments and future trends that you need to know. Even more, we create a relaxed, unique environment to allow for the kind of networking and dialogue that is so essential in such a fast-growing field.


These are our global flagship events which have, since 2009, become the forum to discuss the business case for Natural Refrigerants. While we do rely on a proven formula of essential elements such as end user/supplier panels, policy/market trends, technology case studies, workshops, and networking opportunities, we also aim to bring you a unique experience at every event. New locations, fresh speakers, and new topics help to make our events can’t-miss experiences for everyone involved.

Availability: America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan, China, worldwide

ATMO Network

Complementary to our full ATMOsphere conferences, the ATMO Network format allows smaller groups of stakeholders to come together in shorter events to discuss specific issues and focus on a particular industry sector, application, or network. These events can take place within a larger trade show or expo, or be standalone.

Availability: America, Europe, Asia, Australia, worldwide