ATMO America: Cimco Ammonia System for Meat Processor an Early Example of ‘Net Zero’

Cimco Refrigeration, a Toronto-based industrial refrigeration contractor, has reduced energy consumption at a Quebec-based meat-processing plant operated by Viandes Paquette by 2.5 million kWh annually with a low-charge ammonia/NH3 (R717) system. By reclaiming excess heat from the ammonia system, Cimco removed the need for any boilers at the plant.

Cimco has dubbed this system, installed in 2010, the “first low-charge ammonia net-zero industrial” plant.

“In my mind, the HVAC system and refrigeration system is net zero,” said Benoit Rodier, Director of Business Development at Cimco. This is due to the absence of a gas boiler, the region’s “clean and renewable” hydro electricity from utility Hydro Quebec and the use of ammonia as the refrigerant.

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