Another great edition of ATMOsphere America is behind us!

Key HVAC&R industry stakeholders from across North America and beyond – including end users, technology suppliers, and representatives from local governments and international organisations – all gathered online yesterday at ATMO America Summit 2021 to network, learn and exchange knowledge with industry changing discussions in the natural refrigerants market. You will find below some sessions highlights. 

We would like to address a very special thank you to our expert speakers, sponsors, media partners and attendees for helping us shape the future of our industry!

All the presentations are already available here. If you’d like to rewatch the sessions, you can access the event platform (Swapcard) through this link. The session recordings will be available on demand until August 2022.

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See you next June in Washington D.C. for ATMOsphere America Summit 2022!


“Cooling is crucial for public health, and we need to develop policies and practices that negate heat island and reduce the inequitable risks.” Beth Porter, Green America

“Natural refrigerants are here to stay and can be viewed as a good investment for any company looking to future-proof its business” Ilana Koegelenberg, ATMOsphere

“GreenChill Partners are transitioning from ozone depleting substances (ODS) and high GWP HFCs toward lower GWP alternatives” Kersey Manliclic, GreenChill Program, EPA

“It’s not only about meeting compliance with environmental regulations, its truly about trying to get a carbon neutral position in the future” Doug Milu, Publix Super Markets

We practically do not have to pay anything in heat because of the heat recovery solution we have with our racks” Vincent Godin, Emblem Cranberry

“The change from no action to what the Kigali Amendment is doing is tremendous, and the AIM Act is our piece of that puzzle” Cindy Newberg, Stratospheric Protection Division of the EPA

“California has an executive order that the state will be carbon neutral, or net-zero, by 2045, but lately they’ve said – well why settle on 2045, why not go for 2035 because climate change is real, and we have terrible problems in California with fires and droughts.” Glenn Gallagher, California Air Resources Board (CARB)

“What we have shown is that cutting emissions, and boosting economic opportunity across alliance states, can actually drive growth across multiple industries. Our states have reduced emissions 14% compared to non-alliance states from 2005 to 2018 and have increased per capita output 4% more than non-alliance states in the same period.” Taryn Finnessey, US Climate Alliance

“TFA comes from many sources, may be bio accumulative and toxic, and is not a naturally occurring compound.” Cora Young, York University

“Before bringing tonnes of chemicals into the environment, it needs to be proven that they are harmless to human and the environment, especially regarding chemicals with high persistence such as TFA.” Thomas Frank, Refolution Industriekälte

“We are going to have to choose between dirty cooling and clean cooling. It is that simple… Can you really go down the path of dirty cooling? Can you trust these companies?… They are not credible anymore” Marc Chasserot, ATMOsphere