R744.com article: “Castel Cuts Carbon Footprint of Product Testing by Using Virtual Method:

Italian valve manufacturer Castel has found that it can “radically” reduce the carbon footprint of its product testing process by replacing purely physical tests with a computer-aided approach.

The company estimated that in more than 500 tests on about 2,000 product samples (including safety and expansion valves), the carbon footprint in virtual tests (about 40 metric tons of CO2e) was 87% less than that of physical tests (about 310 metric tons). The virtual tests required 10% of the samples needed for the physical test.

These results were shared by Alessandro Farina, Application Manager at Castel, at a session on Castel’s design and test methods during the ATMOsphere Europe conference, held online September 28-29. ATMOsphere Europe was organized by ATMOsphere, formerly shecco, publisher of this website.

The virtual tests also saved up to 95% of the cost associated with physical testing, because fewer tests were needed, he added.

“The virtualization approach to the design and study of component behavior contributes to radically reducing the impact of the carbon footprint in the prototyping and testing phase,” Farina said. “Even if taken individually, it may seem like a small contribution, [but] the set of small contributions always makes an important contribution.”

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