R744.com: ATMO Europe – Integrated HVAC&R System Cuts Italian Supermarket’s HVAC Energy Use by 40%, Says Arneg

Enrico Zambotto, Arneg speaker of ATMOsphere Europe. Conference on Natural Refrigerants technologies

A supermarket in Verona, Italy, has cut its HVAC energy use by 40% by integrating its heating and air-conditioning into its CO2 (R744)-based refrigeration system, according to Enrico Zambotto, Technical Engineering Director of Refrigeration Systems at Italian OEM Arneg.

Compared with operating an independent HVAC system, which would require around 68,000kWh annually, the store’s integrated HVAC system uses only 41,000kWh a year. In total, the supermarket’s refrigeration and integrated HVAC system uses roughly 135,000kWh a year.

The energy savings largely come during the winter months when the 1,670m2 (17,975ft2) supermarket benefits from “free heating” that is sourced directly from its CO2-based refrigeration system’s waste heat, he explained.

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