ATMO Europe – Danish CO2 Based District Heating System Will Cut Consumer Energy Bills by 50%

A new district heating system in Rørvig, Denmark – which is powered by Danish OEM Advansor’s SteelXL CO(R744)-based heat pump – will help reduce residents’ energy bills by up to 50% and CO2emissions by up to 70%, according to a case study from Casper Christiansen, Business Development Manager for Heat Pumps at Advansor, and Martin Sønderby, Sales Manager at Aktive Energi Anlæg(AEA), the project’s designer and contractor.

The case study was presented by Christiansen and Sønderby during an HVAC and heat pumps sessionat the ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit on natural refrigerants. The conference took place November 15–16 in Brussels and was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of

Advansor’s air-to-water heat pump has a heating capacity of 1.5MW (426.5TR) and will provide around 244 households in Rørvig with heat for hot water production and space heating. Previously, most residents used oil burners or electric heating, explained Sønderby.

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