ATMO Europe – First CO2 Prototype for Maritime Applications Shows 20% Efficiency Improvement

ATMO Europe-transport & MAC-Carel

Italian manufacturer Carel has worked with a small Danish servicing company B Cool to develop a new fully modulating CO2 (R744) refrigeration rack specifically for maritime applications, and the prototype, which was retrofitted to a vessel in April, has shown a 20% improvement in COP.

This result and more insight into how the system works was presented during the Transport and MAC session of 2022 ATMO Europe Summit by Federico Ferrari, Sales & Marketing – Application Specialist at Carel, together with Ejner Brodersen, Chief Executive Officer at B Cool A/S. ATMO Europe was held in person in Brussels on November 15–16 and was hosted by ATMOsphere, publisher of R744.

Although natural refrigerants and especially COis rapidly growing in commercial and industrial applications, the same has unfortunately not been true for the maritime sector, explained Ferrari. That is why Carel was happy to get involved with a “creative project” such as the one proposed by B Cool, explained Ferrari.

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