ATMO Europe – Swiss Retailer Coop Uses 100% CO2 in New Builds

ATMO Europe-End User Best Practices-Coop Switzerland

Swiss retail giant Coop uses CO2 (R744) exclusively in all new-build stores and restaurants; 60% of its existing stores have already been retrofitted too, bringing its CO2 installation total to more than 700.

These numbers were presented by Dr. Aikaterini Boulamanti, Energy Specialist at Coop Switzerland, who shared Coop’s journey with CO2 during the ATMO Europe Summit that took place in person in Brussels on November 15–16. ATMO Europe was hosted by ATMOsphere, the publisher of

Coop is one of the largest retailers in Switzerland, and it also owns wholesale and production facilities and restaurants. They have nearly 3,000 stores, 93% of which are in Switzerland with the remainder in the EU. Commercial refrigeration systems are used in 955 supermarkets, 31 department stores and 192 restaurants (1,178 total facilities).

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