ATMOsphere Launches First World Summit Conference for Natural Refrigerant Technologies

ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), publisher of this website, has announced the ATMO World Summit 2022, a new online natural refrigerant conference that will discuss the future of cooling and heating worldwide.

The World Summit will be a 24-hour event, starting at 10am Central European time on March 30 and continuing in the Americas and Asia Pacific timezones. The conference will include webinars and presentations covering natural refrigerants like CO2 (R744)hydrocarbonsammonia/NH3 (R717), water and air.

The conference webinar program will include presentations from long-time natural refrigerant leaders like Alfa Laval, Danfoss, DorinEnergy RecoveryGEAJohnson ControlsTEKO, and Temprite. Topics will range from technology to market trends and policy.

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