R744.com: California ‘Likely’ to Limit GWP for Heat Pump Water Heaters

California State Capitol

Future regulations in California will “likely” include new GWP limits on heat pumps for heating potable water, pools and spas, and for clothes dryers. In addition, the upcoming 750 GWP cap on heat pumps used for space heating (and air conditioning) will probably not be “tenable” in the future and would be subject to being lowered.

The reason for these possible moves? California’s plans to decarbonize its building stock by removing natural gas and propane, and switching to electricity only (eventually supplied by renewable energy sources).  Electrifying buildings will mean an increased need for heat pumps. These units, including current space heating equipment, are still mainly based on f-gases, and so business-as-usual would lead to increased HFC emissions from this sector.

Those messages were shared by Glenn Gallagher, Air Pollution Specialist at the California Air Resources Board (CARB), speaking during the ATMOsphere America conference, held online on November 3. ATMOsphere America was organized by ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), the publisher of this website.

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