Hydrocarbons21.com: ATMO America: Cold-Climate R290 Heat Pump Achieves Reduced Refrigerant Charge with 5mm Tubes

Israeli heat-exchanger manufacturer Lordan Coils has developed a cold-climate propane (R290) residential heat-pump water heater (HPWH), using 5mm (0.2in) MicroGroove copper tubes to achieve a low charge.

The MicroGroove 5mm copper tubes are used to create bent L-shape heat exchanger coils with high heat-transfer coefficients, resulting in higher seasonal energy efficiency ratios (SEER). The small diameter tubes mean less material is needed, giving lower system weight while maintaining the same capacity, according to Yoram Shabtay, President for U.S. consulting firm Heat Transfer Technologies and Peter Mostovoy, Business Development Manager at Lordan.

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