Come see what the Cooling as a Service (CaaS) revolution is all about!

The CaaS Initiative team, led by BASE, will be coming all the way from Switzerland to talk about this game-changing model for the HVAC&R industry. Make sure to sign up for this (free) event, taking place in Cape Town, South Africa.

Monday, March 9, 2020

15:00-16:30 for HVAC&R Technology Providers and Investors
17:00-18:30 for Commercial/ Industrial Clients/End Users, and Providers

The Vineyard Hotel, Colinton Rd, New- lands, Cape Town

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What is Cooling as a Service?

Cooling as a Service (CaaS) is a promising financial instrument to overcome market barriers to clean and efficient cooling. It does not require upfront investment, and offers integrated financial tools to recapitalize technology providers. Based on the servitization concept, CaaS enables customers to base their investment decision on life-cycle cost rather than on the purchase price of the equipment. This benefits companies, governments and society at large.

The model gives clients the advantages of high-end, efficient cooling technology without the need of an upfront investment. With CaaS, end customers pay for the cooling they receive, rather than the physical product or infrastructure that delivers the cooling. The technology provider installs and maintains the cooling equipment, recovering the costs through periodic payments made by the customer. These payments are fixed- cost-per-unit for the cooling service delivered (for example, Rands per kW of refrigeration), and are based on actual usage. The technology provider also pays for the electricity consumed by the equipment, which is an incentive to install the most energy- efficient equipment and to perform high-quality maintenance.

Why should you attend?

Taking place the afternoon before the first-ever ATMOsphere Cape Town event, the BASE team will be hosting two (free) round table sessions to help South African providers, end users and funders of HVAC&R technology learn more about the game- changing Cooling as a Service (CaaS) model.

Technology providers and investors are invited to attend the first session which will look at the opportunities and challenges surrounding the implementation of the CaaS model in South Africa. Attendees will learn more about the model and how to implement it during a roundtable discussion format setting.

After the break, end users and clients managing commercial and/ or industrial HVAC&R systems will join the session to also find out more about this model and how to go about implementing it for their own projects. They will also be able to interact with providers for more information.

Who should attend?

• All end users and clients with commercial and/or industrial HVAC&R installations
• Investors (including funds and banks)
• HVAC&R service and technology providers 
• Industry associations and trade bodies