R744.com: ATMO America: CO2 Chillers Have ‘Great Potential’ for Combined Cooling and Heating Applications


Italian compressor manufacturer Dorin has tested a process-cooling CO2 (R744) chiller in several North American climate zones and found that they have “great potential” in combined cooling and heating applications.

This conclusion was shared by Giacomo Pisano, Business Development Manager for CO2 Compressors at Dorin, who spoke during the ATMO America conference, which took place in Alexandria, Virginia, on June 7–8. The conference was organized by ATMOsphere, the publisher of R744.com.

Dorin tested the CO2 chiller in four different North American climate profiles: New York, Montreal, Houston and Los Angeles. With an R513a system as a comparison reference, Dorin found that a basic CO2 system has an efficiency penalty in the warmer climates, but adding adiabatic cooling improves the efficiency. Adding ejectors improves the efficiency even further. 

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