R744.COM: Emerson Sees Growing Role for Distributed CO2 Systems in North America

Distributed CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems such as small racks and condensing units could play a growing role in North America. 

That was the message from Andre Patenaude, Director for Solutions and Strategy at U.S. manufacturer Emerson, during a webinar at the ATMO World Summit on March 30. The World Summit was organized by ATMOsphere (formerly shecco).

“There really is a place for distributed CO2 systems,” Patenaude said. “What we’ve seen, for the most part, in North America to date are large centralized [CO] systems, but with the advent of smaller CO2compressors, there’s a lot more activity developing systems that are smaller.” 

This is a trend Emerson is seeing around the world, and these systems are also starting to be introduced in North America, Patenaude added. “This is important to retailers, for example if someone is looking at a remodeling strategy,” he stressed. 

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