End User Keynote: Lineage Logistics | Case Studies!

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End User Keynote

ATMOsphere America Summit will feature a Keynote speech by Aer Teale from Lineage Logistics, one of the largest cold-storage operator globally. They will look at both American and Europe operations and compare the two, as well as the challenges of F-gas reporting and the impact on people in implementing it on the ground. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from an industry expert!

Aer TealeDirector of EngineeringLineage Logistics | Intersection of People, Energy, Refrigeration and Sustainability

Refrigeration Case Studies

We are excited to announce some of the refrigeration case studies presented by leading manufacturers of commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment. Join us in welcoming our esteemed speakers!

KC Chen, Energy Recovery & Vallarta Supermarkets |CO2 Refrigeration Enabled by Energy Recovery: Benefits Beyond Emissions

Mirko BernabeiSCM Frigo & German Lyon, Caltronics | Efficiency Optimization in a Robotized Logistic Center in Santiago (Chile) Using CO2 Refrigeration System

Giacomo PisanoDorin & Zero C. Large Vertical Automated Cold Storage With Over 60.0000 Skids Capacity

Fritz Troller, Therm | The Cold Rush: Refrigerant Carbon Credits™ in Application

Giacomo Favari, Carel | Benefits of Total Store Control for Transcritical CO2 Systems

Heat Pump Case Studies

Prominent industry players will showcase innovative case studies and comment about the growing demand for heat pumps solutions in North America and the prospects for natural refrigerants to make a positive impact and take market share.

Benoit RodierCIMCO Refrigeration The Next Era of Refrigeration – Unlocking the Potential of Thermal Management for a Sustainable Community

Andy Baker, YourCleanEnergy will describe a geothermal R744-based heat pump system that will reduce dependency on heating oil and lower carbon emissions in Seward, Alaska.