R744.com: Experts Sound the Alarm about Rising TFA Levels

The prevalent use of HFO-1234yf as a replacement for HFCs in mobile air conditioning (MAC) and other applications is raising growing concerns about the creation of trifluoroacetic acid (TFA), a highly durable chemical, in the atmosphere and in drinking water, according to a panel of cooling industry experts.

The panel participated in a session on the impact of refrigerants on health, safety and climate at the ATMOsphere Europe conference, held online September 28-29. (ATMOsphere Europe was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of this website.) The session included Michael Kauffeld, Professor at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany; David Behringer, Project Manager, Öko-Recherche, a German Environmental consultancy; Carolina Koronen, Programme Manager, Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS)an environmental NGO based in Belgium; and Thomas Frank, CEO, Refolution Industriekälte, a German engineering firm.

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