First case studies announced!

ATMO Europe Summit 2023, conference about natural refrigerants, CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons. Banner about Sustainable event in Europe

We are extremely pleased to announce the first round of case studies to be presented at the ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2023 on 19-20 September in Brussels!

Refrigeration Case Studies

Unilever Embraco Energy efficiency initiatives in Unilever ice cream freezer cabinets

Tecumseh JBG2  I R290-based waterloop display case with simplified heat recovery and superior benefits for supermarket

Energy Recovery & Fieuw KoeltechniekI Installation of PX G1300 pressure exchangers in Benelux region offer CO2 systems improved energy efficiency

Advansor Veld Koeltechniek I Energy efficient and sustainable COrefrigeration solutions for industrial low-temperature system design

Heat Pump Case Studies

Copeland & BDR Thermea I Residential heat pump with natural refrigerant and low sound scroll

GEA I High efficiency heat pump for steam generation with 100K temperature lift