Hydrocarbons21.com: ATMO Europe: F-Gases No Longer Needed for Residential Heat Pumps, Says Viessmann

Ingo Seliger, Viessmann speaker at ATMOsphere Europe a natural refrigerants conference

With updated global safety standards for domestic appliances that allows for higher charge limits of propane (R290) and other flammable refrigerants, heat pumps up to 70kW (19.9TR) no longer require f-gases, according to Ingo Seliger, Head of Standardization for Public Affairs at German manufacturer Viessmann Group.

“For the residential market, it’s absolutely clear that we don’t need f-gases anymore,” he said, adding that the approval of safety standard IEC 60335-2-40 ED7 removes all barriers to the adoption of propane heat pumps.

Seliger delivered his remarks during his presentation in the heat pump market trends session at the ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit on natural refrigerants. The conference took place November 15–16 in Brussels and was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of Hydrocarbons21.com.

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