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ATMO America 2024

Last month, ATMOsphere America Summit 2024 sparked significant discussions on a wide range of topics including policy developments; PFAS and global warming; market trends; end users’ insights and best practice; latest technologies in refrigeration and heat pumps; training; and initiatives to accelerate the use of natural refrigerants.

You will find below the media coverage and articles in the spotlight! 

Robert Bilott ATMOsphere America 2024
Famed PFAS Lawyer Bilott Sees ‘History Repeating Itself’ with F-Gas Refrigerants
Robert Bilott, whose lawsuits over a two-decade period first exposed the environmental and health threat of PFAS, sees “history repeating itself” in the way the chemical industry is characterizing refrigerants. Read more.
PFAS Panel ATMOsphere America 2024
Scientists Address PFAS Implications of HFOs, TFA
Three scientists considered the potential health and environmental risks of HFOs and their trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) degradation product during a panel discussion of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) at ATMOsphere America. Read more.
DOE ATMOsphere America 2024
DOE Invites HVAC&R Stakeholders to Join Work Groups for Early Introduction of Ultra-Low GWP Refrigerants
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is inviting HVAC&R industry stakeholders to participate in two working group that will set market priorities and draft documents in preparation for future U.S. building code regulations and energy efficiency standards Read more.
IIAR ATMOsphere America 2024
IIAR to Complete Safety Standard for Large-Scale Hydrocarbon Refrigeration Systems by 2025
The Safety Standard for Closed-Circuit Refrigeration Systems Using Hydrocarbon Refrigerants will apply to propane (R290), butane (R600) and isobutane (R600a) refrigerants for industrial and commercial occupancies, outdoor installations and use with secondary fluids. Read more.  
Kroger ATMOsphere America 2024
Kroger Will Use CO₂ Refrigeration in New Stores Starting in 2025
“We have five new CO₂ stores opening this fiscal year, and in 2025, all of Kroger’s new stores will be CO₂ transcritical systems. This move is part of a larger ESG strategy to phase out HFCs and transition to more sustainable refrigeration solutions.” Read more.
Grocery Outlet ATMOsphere America 2024
Grocery Outlet Explores Options for Natural Refrigerant Retrofits and CO Systems Nationwide
U.S.-based discount food retailer Grocery Outlet has said it is exploring opportunities to retrofit its existing stores with natural refrigerants and expand its use of CO₂ (R744)-based refrigeration in new stores nationwide.
Read more.
General Refrigeration ATMOsphere America 2024
General Refrigeration Installs Ammonia-Based HVAC System at Its Office in Delaware
“Given our expertise with ammonia, it was a no-brainer to use it for our cooling needs,” Ellison from General Refrigeration stated, emphasizing that a “traditional” refrigerant such as R404A would have consumed approximately 23% more power under the same design conditions. Read more.
Hillphoenix ATMOsphere America 2024
Optimized Heat Reclaim from CO Refrigeration System Cuts Natural Gas Use by 84% in Pennsylvania Store
A small-format store in Pennsylvania with a Hillphoenix Flex CO₂ refrigeration system cut its natural gas use for comfort heating during winter by 84% after replacing its passive reclaim coil with a Flō Energy Solutions’ optimized direct CO₂ (R744) heat reclaim coil. Read more.  

Target, Lineage Logistics, Dorin and Wright Win ATMO Awards
The awards, honoring excellence in the implementation of natural refrigerant-based systems, were presented in four categories. Read more.

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See you at ATMOsphere America, June 2025, in Atlanta!