More case studies and speakers announced!

ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2022, taking place on 15-16 November in Brussels, will be packed with fresh content, and today we’d like to announce the latest speakers and case studies additions to the programme. 

Impact of Refrigerants: REACH Regulation Panel 

Our new speaker will join the other recently announced experts for a panel discussion on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) plans to take up a proposal to restrict some HFC and HFO refrigerants and TFA as PFAS – applying the “polluter pays” principle – under the EU’s REACH regulation.

We’re also pleased to announce new technology case studies presented by manufacturers, end users and installers:

HVAC & Heat Pumps case studies

  • Castel | Heat pump with R744 installation, a clever combination in CO2 transcritical with R290 | Co-presented with Euro-Cold & Servex
  • CTA | Propane in heat pumps, a natural and sustainable solution with energy savings for all applications | Co-presented with end user

Refrigeration case studies

  • Dorin | Integrated systems: do it all with CO2 | Co-presented with Frigoveneta
  • Area Cooling Solutions | iCOOLTM CO– decentralised solution for commercial refrigeration applications | Co-presented with Calis

Transport & MAC case studies

  • Carel | CO2 booster racks for ships and boats: a fully modulating efficient solution | Co-presented with BCOOL A/S
  • PBX | Field data review of an R290 transport refrigeration system in an electric fleet
  • Chilltech | Catalysing the cold chain by making cooling free at the point of use