Policy & Standards Session

ATMO America 2024 conference on natural refrigerants | Policy & Standards Session

In this highly anticipated session of the ATMOsphere America, key representatives will discuss the policy and standards developments impacting the uptake of natural refrigerants in North America. We extend a warm welcome to our panelists:

Suzanne HagellChief of the GHG Mitigation Bureau, Office of Climate ChangeNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation will talk about the progress with New York state’s new HFC regulations and move towards natural refrigerants

Ram NarayanamurthyDeputy Director, Building Technologies OfficeDepartment of Energy (DOE) will shed light on the efforts to support natural refrigerant-based heat pump adoption

Beth PorterSenior Climate Policy Analyst, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) will discuss the climate importance of removing barriers to hydrocarbons, and address the air conditioning and heat pumps sectors

Dr. Rajan RajendranAdvisor – EIAFive Rivers Research and Consulting will cover the UL and ASHRAE standards updates, including the ASHRAE 15.2.

Tony LundellSenior Director of Standards and SafetyInternational Institute of All-Natural Refrigeration (IIAR) will provide insights on the progress in codes and standards related to natural refrigerants (NH3, CO₂, HCs)

Stay tuned for further updates on this session coming soon!

Impact of HFOs: PFAS and Global Warming 

Announcing our latest speaker, joining the session on the Impact of HFOs: PFAS and Global Warming! This session will examine how HFOs are not only linked to PFAS (“forever chemicals”) but also to HFC-23, a super potent greenhouse gas (GWP 14,600). 

Gabriel SaliernoGreen ChemistToxics Use Reduction Institute

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