Hydrocarbons21.com: ATMO America: R290 Found to Reduce Energy Consumption of Hoshizaki Refrigeration Equipment by 11%

ATMO America speakers David Sellers John Dowd

By transitioning its lineup of commercial refrigerators and freezers to propane (R290), Georgia (U.S.)-based manufacturer Hoshizaki America has reduced the energy consumption of its equipment by an average of 11%, according to a recent presentation from the company’s Director of Engineering, David Sellers.

Sellers also detailed that the switch to R290 reduced the CO2e emissions of Hoshizaki’s refrigeration units, which are used in the foodservice industry, by an average of 21%. These savings are a result of reduced direct emissions from the refrigerant, which has a GWP of less than one, and lower indirect emissions from improved energy efficiency, he explained.

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