R744.com article: Canadian Cranberry Processor Completes Installation of Massive CO2 Refrigeration/Freezer System

Emblem Cranberry (Emblème Canneberge), a major processor and distributor of cranberries and blueberries based in Sainte-Eulalie, Quebec, Canada, recently completed an expansion that comprises one of the largest transcritical CO2 systems in the world.

Emblem’s facility, which opened in 2016, has undergone a three-stage development that was completed in November. It now houses six blast/storage freezers, one IQF (individual quick freezing) tunnel, two production areas for fruit sorting, cleaning and packaging, one cooler and two refrigerated dock areas. This can accommodate over 55 million lbs (25 million kg) of cranberries, and 16 million lbs (7.3 million kg) of blueberries.

To generate the freezing and cooling, Emblem installed nine COracks, which supplies 1,500TR (5,300kW) of capacity.

Thus far, the CO2 system has “worked quite well for us,” said Vincent Godin, President of Emblem Cranberry. Maintenance has been “normal,” with a few compressor changes and a few CO2 leaks addressed in the CO2/glycol heat exchangers.

Godin talked about the installation of the system and evolution of the facility during an end-users  presentation at the ATMOsphere America conference, held online November 3. (ATMOsphere America was organized by ATMOsphere, formerly shecco, publisher of R744.com.)

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