R744.com: ATMO Europe: AREA Reports 400 CO2 Condensing Unit Installations in Europe

Area Cooling - case study on HVAC&R technologies presenting at ATMO Conference, networking event on natural refrigerants

Barcelona-based OEM AREA Cooling Solutions has installed 400 of its iCOOL CO2 (R744) condensing units equipped with remote monitoring across Europe in commercial and industrial applications, with 60% of the installations coming in 2022.

The northernmost installations are in Sweden and the southernmost in Cyprus, requiring the units to operate with ambient temperatures ranging from -28°C (-18°F) to 47.2°C (117°F) with 70m (230ft) as the longest installed piping length.

Philippe Boachon, Business Development Manager for AREA, described they company’s development of the iCOOL-CO2 units, ranging in capacity from 5kW(1.4TR) to 30kW (8.5TR) at the November 2022 ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit in Brussels. Three installation case studies were presented by Patryk Majerski, Project Manager for AREA. ATMO Europe was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of R744.com.

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