R744.com – ATMO Europe: Integrating HVAC into CO2-Based Refrigeration Boosts COP and Cuts Energy Use, Says Eliwell

Sergio Bridda, Eliwell presenting case study on HVAC&R technologies at ATMO Conference, networking event about natural refrigerants

Integrating HVAC into commercial CO2 (R744)-based refrigeration systems helps improve COP and energy consumption, even in warmer climates, according to Sergio Bridda, Refrigeration Systems Sales Expert at Eliwell, an Italian controls manufacturer owned by Schneider Electric.

Integrated CO2 systems also reduce maintenance costs and equipment footprint, he added.

Designed to optimize the performance of integrated HVAC&R systems, Eliwell’s DOMINO controllers cover the entire system, offering “flexible control solutions” for consolidated technologies, he said.

For example, the company’s DOMINO Zero controller features algorithms specifically designed for integrated CO2-based HVAC&R systems. DOMINO controllers are installed in 1,500 transcritical CO2 systems in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Bridda said.

Bridda delivered his remarks during his presentation in an HVAC and heat pump session at the ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit on natural refrigerants. The conference took place November 15–16 in Brussels and was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of R744.com.

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