R744.com: ATMO Europe: Italian Supermarket Found to Save €18,000 a Year with Integrated CO2 System from Frigoveneta, Dorin

Dorin & Frigoveneta - case study on HVAC&R technologies presenting at ATMO Conference, networking event on natural refrigerants

A supermarket in northern Italy has reduced its energy bills by an estimated €18,000 (US$19,500) per year by installing a CO2 (R744)-based rack that integrates the store’s refrigeration, HVAC and hot water production requirements into a single system.

Previously, the store had a direct expansion R404-based refrigeration system, a methane-fueled boiler for heating and hot water and no air-conditioning.

Installed in 2020 as part of a refurbishment project, the integrated CO2-based system has also helped the supermarket’s decarbonization efforts by removing the need for a gas boiler for heating and hot water.

Details of the project were presented by Stefano Mistrello, Key Account Manager at Frigoveneta – the system’s Italian manufacturer – and Giacomo Pisano, Business Development Manager for CO2 Compressors at Dorin – the Italian manufacturer of the system’s 11 compressors.

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