R744.COM – ATMO Europe: METRO Continues Rollout of Transcritical CO2 in All New Stores and Refurbishments

Olaf Schulze, METRO Properties presenting at ATMOsphere conference on sustainable natural refrigerants technologies

Germany-based international food wholesaler METRO is continuing its rollout of natural refrigerant-based refrigeration systems and equipment in all its new stores and refurbishments throughout 24 countries in Europe and Asia.

According to Olaf Schulze, Director of Energy Management and Real Estate Sustainability at METRO Properties (the real estate division of METRO), the company is focused primarily on transcritical CO2 (R744) technology with an ejector due to its high energy efficiency and heat recovery potential.

As of September 2022, the retailer had installed transcritical COrefrigeration systems in 153 of its 700 stores, up from 121 stores in April 2021. METRO is planning 40 more transcritical installations per year, he added. METRO runs business membership-only cash-and-carry stores.

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