R744.com – ATMO Europe: R290 Unit Enables ‘First’ Refrigerated Electric Vehicle with Zero Carbon Emissions

PBX presenting case study on HVAC&R technologies at ATMO Conference, networking event about natural refrigerants

The Austrian technology startup company pbx has tested its “fully digitalized” ecos M24 propane (R290)-based refrigeration units in light commercial electric vehicles (EVs), showing for the “first” time that “absolute zero CO2 emissions for transport refrigeration is both technically and economically feasible,” said Dominik Radler, Chief Technology Officer for pbx.

The study focused on Achleitner Biohof, a supplier of organic foodstuffs located in Eferding, Austria, which has operated light commercial EVs equipped with the ecos M24 units.

Radler presented its findings at the November 2022 ATMOsphere (ATMO) Europe Summit in Brussels. ATMO Europe was organized by ATMOsphere, publisher of hydrocarbons21.com.

Vehicles using the ecos M24 refrigeration unit are CO2e emissions free “when the vehicle is charged by a source that is [CO2e emissions] free as well,” said Radler. “In the case of Achleitner, when its vehicles are charged directly via photovoltaics, this value is zero – emission[s] free – as well.”

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