R744.com: ATMO World Summit: Tecumseh Finds R290 Ice Merchandisers Use Less Energy than R448A Unit

In a test comparing an R448A-based ice merchandiser with a comparable unit using a propane (R290) condensing unit or an R290 refrigeration unit (including evaporator), U.S. manufacturer Tecumseh found that the R290 merchandisers used 40% and 34% less energy, respectively, and about 70% less refrigerant charge.

The case study was part of a presentation by Mario Gauna and Anthony Chambon, two Application Engineers from U.S. based manufacturer Tecumseh, at the ATMO World Summit 2022.

The ATMO World Summit 2022, organized by ATMOsphere (publisher of Hydrocarbons21.com) was held online around the world on March 30 and 31.

Tecumseh used its Celseon 2.0 condensing unit and its Complete Refrigeration System (CRS), both incorporating R290 and both with single-speed compressors, in the test. The ice merchandisers, which are typically located outside of convenience stores, were evaluated according to the ASHRAE-72 method of testing open and closed commercial refrigerators and freezers.

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