R744.COM – Vote for the ATMO Innovation of the Year!

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ATMOsphere, publisher of R744.com, has launched the voting process for the ATMO 2023 Innovation of the Year Award for North America, which is given to the company that has produced a natural refrigerant-based product that has had, or is expected to have, a significant impact on the market.

The short list of candidates for the award consists of products from Energy RecoveryOLAB and Danfoss.

Energy Recovery’s product is the PX G1300 pressure exchanger, designed to improve the efficiency of transcritical CO2 (R744) refrigeration systems.

OLAB’s product is the Series Revolution stainless-steel flanged ball valve, designed to eliminate leaks in transcritical CO2 systems.

Danfoss’s product is the Heat Recovery Unit (HRU), designed to eliminate the technical challenges of managing heat recovery from a CO2 refrigeration rack.

Vote for one of these products – described in detail below – here.

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