Racplus.com: Natural refrigerant summit to focus on expanded HVACR applications

ATMO Europe Summit 2023 banner 4, conference about natural refrigerants, CO2, ammonia, hydrocarbons. Banner about Sustainable event in Europe

Case studies are being accepted for upcoming European summit that will look at the challenges and opportunities for expanding natural refrigerants use

An upcoming European summit for the natural refrigerants industry will look at the emerging applications for its product in areas such as commercial and industrial refrigeration.

The 2023 ATMOsphere Europe show will be taking place in Brussels between 19 – 20 September with a look at how the industry is adapting to and ensuring it can safely and effectively use a range of natural refrigerants.

Organisers of the event noted that important themes of discussion for the show will be the role of the sector in supplying producta for use in heat pumps, as well as demand for refrigerated transport solutions

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