Two weeks ago we announced six stirring case studies. We are doubling down this week with nine additional case studies that will be showcased at ATMO Europe 2021. A warm welcome to them!


Efficient Energy Water as refrigerant (R718): a case study in the automotive industry 

Nidec EmbracoCommercial refrigeration energy saving and labelling EEI improvement using Embraco VCC compressors and new smart control | Co-presented with Epta 

Secop Most powerful hermetic V-Speed R290 solution – SLVE18CN 

HVAC & Heat Pumps:

Biaggini Swiss shopping mall implements 600kW CO2 reversible heat pump/chiller| Co-presented with Migros and Eliwell 

Seeley International FACQ offices and commercial warehouses cooled with water (R718), improving indoor air quality for staff and customers| Co-presented with FACQ and Bioclimas

GEA GEA’s 6MW ammonia heat pump turns energy from coal mine into renewable heating

Fenagy Large air to water heat pumps with CO2 as refrigerant

Transport & MAC:

TEKO Board kitchens sustainably equipped – CO2 cooling in very small spaces (trains)

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Stay tuned, we will be releasing more news soon!