Super Radiator Coils: ATMOsphere America Summit 2022 – SRC Takeaways

Studying the performance of refrigerants is of our passions at SRC and we’ve invested heavily in learning as much as we can about them. Last week, ATMOsphere held their annual natural refrigerants conference in Washington D.C. The conference took place on June 7th and 8th and Super Radiator Coils sent three engineers to learn about the natural refrigerant market, emerging applications, new technologies, and more. Read below to hear what SRC’s Ken Allen, Will Klick, and Gail Miller took away from the conference and their thoughts on the future of natural refrigerants. 

According to those in attendance, one of the most notable takeaways from the conference was the turnout. The two-day conference featured 39 speakers, 35 sponsors & partners, and was attended by representatives from more than 125 organizations. In addition to the robust attendance, ATMOsphere CEO Marc Chasserot said the day’s events reflected a change in mentality among HVAC-R and adjacent industries.

“After 10 years, I feel that there is a ‘mindset’ change.,” Chasserot said in a press release. “It’s no longer about ‘whether’ but now about ‘how’ and ‘faster please.’ Natural refrigerants are daily business now for many companies in the U.S.”

Gail, Ken, and Will said they left the conference with similar sentiments.

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