Important industry stakeholders — including end users, technology suppliers and representatives from local governments and international organizations, and more! — all gathered online this week at ATMOsphere America 2020 to network, learn and exchange knowledge about the business case for natural refrigerants.

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“Five countries – including China and India – have published national cooling plans that look at what are our cooling needs, and how can we meet those needs?”Dan Hamza-Goodacre, ClimateWorks Foundation

“Sustainable design is moving away from being, what I would call it a marketing campaign or a messaging element of companies, and a nice to have, into an imperative”Michael May, Linvingstone Consulting

“California will be aiming for net-zero carbon by 2045 – a huge undertaking”Glenn Gallagher, California Air Resources Board (CARB)

“Ultra-low-charge ammonia chiller at a saki plant was found to be about 40% more efficient than an R507A chiller at the same plant!”Ammi Amarnath, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

“Ammonia refrigeration systems can exist without risk or danger as long as the best practices, recognized and accepted by the industry, are respected.” Yesenia R. Rector, IIAR

“Having the support of national bodies and International organizations is key . . . as well as working with the company through the development of the project.” [on supermarkets switching to R744]Lorena Alarcón Reyes, Ministerio del Medio Ambiente (Chile)

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