Transport market trends I New case studies

ATMOsphere Europe 2023


We are thrilled to announce the presence of Stefan Elbel at ATMOsphere Europe,tobring you the latest market and technology trends from around the world on natural refrigerant technologies, with a special focus on transport.

  • Stefan ElbelCEOCreative Thermal Solutions

New case studies announced!


  • TEKO Refrigeration | FrigiWise – innovative Plug-in- Solution shows best performances in Belgium trial store
  • Zudek & Muller | Ammonia air cooled chiller with free cooling integration for Muller’s facility in Scotland
  • Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions Europe & bioMérieux | Panasonic strategically approach healthcare business applications
  • E. Biaggini SA & Migros Ticino | Migros Cassarate: R744 integral solution with lake water

Heat Pumps:

  • MAN Energy Solutions | Esbjerg heat pump reference case
  • Echogen Power Systems | CO₂ heat pump, steam generation
  • FENAGY A/S | Overview of heat pumps in Northern Europe – trends and future expectations
  • Kälte Eckert GmbH | Use of a bivalent heat pump as a replacement for a liquid chiller in an existing building

Transport & MAC:

  • GIZ Proklima I Greener reefers project 

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