Welcome to our Platinum Sponsor

Hillphoenix, platinum sponsor of ATMOsphere America HVACR conference on natural refrigerants

We’d like to extend a special recognition to our Platinum Sponsor Hillphoenix, which has supported ATMOsphere America since its early beginnings.

As a top North American refrigeration supplier, the company has a global presence with 18,000+ CO₂ system installations in food retail and industrial settings. Additionally, it has earned twelve consecutive EPA GreenChill Store Certification Excellence Awards.

Hillphoenix further contributes to the advancement of our industry by providing training and ongoing educational support at the Hillphoenix Learning Center on various refrigeration topics, including sustainable technologies.

Last year at ATMO America, Hillphoenix, along with Copeland, and AAA Refrigeration highlighted in a presentation the significance of a cooperative approach. This approach incorporates strong training initiatives, industry collaborations, and ongoing research, to facilitate the adoption of CO₂ systems in the refrigeration industry. Access the full article here.

Meet Hillphoenix at their booth on June 10-11 in Washington D.C., register now!