APAC Agenda

Agenda World Summit 2022

March 30-31, 2022

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APAC [Thursday, March 31, 2022]

2 pm JST
(1 am EDT/7 am CET)

Premium Webinar

Premium Webinar

Cold Chain Innovation Hub Philippines — project updates and industry opportunities

Jan Dusek

Head of Global Partnership

Devin Yashimoto

Communications Lead

3 pm JST
(2 am EDT/8 am CET)

Premium Webinar

ATMOsphere HVAC&R consulting group - refrigeration company supporting networking events on natural refrigerants

Premium Webinar

Japan natural refrigerant market trends and developments

Jan Dusek

Chief Operating Officer & Head of Asia Pacific

4 pm JST
(3 am EDT /9 am CET) 

Premium Webinar

Logo TEKO Refrigeration, HVAC&R manufacturer, sponsor of sustainable natural-refrigerants event

Premium Webinar

EVALIFT, a TEKO patent, energy saving on industrial scale
Moderated by ATMOsphere

Maurice Robinson

Team Leader Technical Support