ATMO America 2021

ATMO America 2021 article: Canadian Cranberry Processor Completes Installation of Massive CO2 Refrigeration/Freezer System article: Canadian Researchers Counter Claim that TFA Occurs Naturally

California State Capitol California ‘Likely’ to Limit GWP for Heat Pump Water Heaters article: Transcritical CO2 ‘the Way of the Future’ for Publix ATMOsphere America: More than 900 Transcritical CO2 Installations in the U.S.

Another great edition of ATMOsphere America is behind us! ATMOsphere America: Green America Keynoter Says Sustainable Refrigeration is ‘Critical’ to Climate, Public Health ATMOsphere America: Publix Committed to R290 for Small Plug-In Cabinets

2021_ATMO AMERICA ATMOsphere America Conference to Feature U.S. EPA and Green America


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