ATMO Europe 2022 ATMO Europe: Epta’s ETE Technology Installed at More Than 150 Stores Worldwide

Ingo Seliger, Viessmann speaker at ATMOsphere Europe a natural refrigerants conference ATMO Europe: F-Gases No Longer Needed for Residential Heat Pumps, Says Viessmann

Enrico Zambotto, Arneg speaker of ATMOsphere Europe. Conference on Natural Refrigerants technologies ATMO Europe – Integrated HVAC&R System Cuts Italian Supermarket’s HVAC Energy Use by 40%, Says Arneg


R744.COM: ATMO Europe – TEKO’s New ‘TECO2nditioner’ Heat Exchanger Designed to Keep Compressors Well-Lubricated

ATMO Europe 2022 - Refrigeration Case Studies - Embraco- Daikin ATMO Europe – Daikin’s New R290 Monoblock with Embraco’s Inverter Compressors Found to Slash Energy Use Compared to Fixed-Speed HFC Units

ATMO Europe 2022 - Luca Bisotto - Enex

ATMO Europe – Enex’s CO2 Heat Pumps Provide AC, Space Heating and Hot Water for Sicilian Hotel

Bente Tranholm - European Commission

ATMO Europe – ‘Choose Natural Refrigerants if You Can,’ Says European Commission Representative

ATMO Europe 2022 - Castel - Heat Pumps

ATMO Europe – Transcritical CO2 System’s Efficiency Boosted with Hydrocarbon Heat Pump in Netherlands


ATMO Europe – Zudek’s Low-Charge Ammonia Chiller at Pharmaceutical Site Is 20% More Efficient Than HFC Alternative

ATMO Europe 2022 - Kim Gardo Christensen - Fenagy

ATMO Europe – CO2 Heat Pumps ‘Optimal’ for Applications up to 10MW, Says European Manufacturer Fenagy

ATMO Europe 2022 - Joseph Marchetti - Energy Recovery

ATMO Europe – Pressure Exchanger Found to Boost COP of CO2 Refrigeration by 25% at High Ambient Temperatures

ATMO Europe – Romanian Cold Storage Facility Reduces Energy Consumption with Vapor Quality Control

ATMO Europe-transport & MAC-Carel

ATMO Europe – First CO2 Prototype for Maritime Applications Shows 20% Efficiency Improvement

ATMO Europe Keynote Replique

ATMO Europe – 3D Printing Can Reduce Costs, Delivery Time and Emissions for NatRef Manufacturers, Says German Startup

ATMO Europe-End User Best Practices-Coop Switzerland

ATMO Europe – Swiss Retailer Coop Uses 100% CO2 in New Builds


ATMO Europe – R290 Heat Pump Beats R32 on Efficiency


ATMO Europe – Nestlé Needs High-Temperature Hydrocarbon Heat Pumps for Steam Generation

ATMO Europe – ‘Real Need’ for Accelerated HFC Phase Down to Meet Climate Goals, Says EIA

ATMO Europe – European Commission Report Promotes Natural Refrigerants as Competitive Edge for EU Heat Pump Manufacturers

ATMO Europe – Danish CO2 Based District Heating System Will Cut Consumer Energy Bills by 50%

Ben Churchill, CoolPlanet presents at ATMOsphere Europe 2022

ATMO EUROPE – NatRefs Key for Decarbonization, Says Net-Zero Consultancy CoolPlanet

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Keynote by CoolPlanet | New speaker: heat pump market trends

ATMO Europe 2022, Brussels

REFRIGERATION WORLD: ATMO Europe Conference on Natural Refrigerants Releases Final Program

ATMO Europe 2022, Brussels

ZEROSOTTOZERO: La conferenza ATMO Europe sui refrigeranti naturali pubblica il programma definitivo

Press release: ATMO Europe Conference on Natural Refrigerants Releases Final Program

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