ATMO World Summit 2022

ATMO World Summit 2022

R744.COM: Carel Launches CO2 Condensing Unit for Waterloop Applications

R744.COM: Emerson Sees Growing Role for Distributed CO2 Systems in North America

R744.COM: ‘The Future is Natural,’ Says TEKO’s Managing Director Semi-Welded Heat Exchangers Found to Increase COP of Ammonia Heat Pumps Semi-Welded Heat Exchangers Found to Increase COP of Ammonia Heat Pumps

Cool Up Programme session Cool Up Program Calls for Early and Swift Adoption of NatRefs in MENA Countries

Daikin booth at Supermarket Tradeshow ATMO World Summit: Japan Seeing Largest Availability Ever of R290 Equipment for Food Retail

2022_ATMO_world_summit_Highlights First ATMO World Summit A Success With Attendees from Over 70 Countries

GEA Refrigeration Ammonia Natural Refrigerant

Ammonia21: ATMO World Summit: GEA Reaches 150 Ammonia Heat Pump Installations


R744: ATMO World Summit: Colombian Manufacturer Weston Sparks Interest in Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration in South America

R744: ATMO World Summit: CO2 is ‘Close to the Ideal Refrigerant’ ATMO World Summit: Tecumseh Finds R290 Ice Merchandisers Use Less Energy than R448A Unit

TEKO | EVALIFT, a TEKO patent, energy saving on industrial scale

ATMOsphere | Japan natural refrigerant market trends and developments

COLD CHAIN INNOVATION HUB PHILIPPINES | Project updates and industry opportunities

JOHNSON CONTROLS | How to achieve sustainability using heat pumps

EMERSON | Spotlight on emerging CO2 refrigeration technologies


WESTON | Installations with CO2 in Colombia – Alliance Weston & Teko GmbH

M&M CARNOT | Natural refrigerant-based packaged systems

ATMOsphere & Professor Michael Kauffeld | Inside the Natural Refrigerants: Applications and Practical Guidelines textbook

ENERGY RECOVERY | Enabling green refrigeration: the Energy Recovery PX G1300™, future-proof your refrigeration operations at lower cost

ALFA LAVAL | Reliable and highly efficient heat exchanger for R717 Ammonia heat pumps

Cool Up Programme session

COOL UP – UPSCALING SUSTAINABLE COOLING | MENA region in focus: insights from the new Cool Up programme

GEA Refrigeration Ammonia Natural Refrigerant

GEA | Introduction to heat pumps

EIA & VONSILD Consulting ApS | F-gas policy session: Spotlight on EU F-Gas Regulation review, US Aim Act and safety standards

DORIN | CO2 transcritical technology in industrial refrigeration

CAREL | Think outside of the “heos” box: high efficiency CO2 solution for your semi plug-in showcases

DANFOSS | Increase overall system efficiency by utilizing heat recovery with your CO2 refrigeration system

TECUMSEH | Reduce energy consumptions of next generation R-290-based systems with AL and variable-capacity cooling compressors

CEO Interview with TEKO Refrigeration


frio calor aire acondicionado: WORLD SUMMIT 2022 – 30 Y 31 DE MARZO

HVAC&R NEWS: ATMO World Summit 2022

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Cooling Post: ATMOsphere announces World Summit

ATMOsphere Launches First World Summit Conference for Natural Refrigerant Technologies