ATMO/DTI Technical Conference 2020

ONLINE – June 23-24, 2020

ATMO/DTI Technical Conference 2020


Danish Technological Institute and ATMO have partnered to bring you the world’s first conference on NatRefs in air conditioning.

Join us to hear from leading experts on the The Future of Air Conditioning!

Over the last years, the HVAC&R industry has become increasingly focused on sustainability. As part of this trend, many companies have taken on the challenge of making their products more energy efficient, stepping away from HFCs, and adopting new technologies to produce the impressive NatRef-based products we have come to know.

Now it is air conditioning’s turn to join the NatRef trend. The next ten years will be key to accelerate this maker by educating stakeholders, making technologies commercially viable at competitive prices, and continuing to develop new solutions.


Tuesday, 23 June

Welcome by Marc Chasserot, CEO, shecco.

Keynote speech given by Iain Campbell, Senior Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute | The Global Cooling Prize


Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager, shecco, will share the latest market and policy trends from around the world on natural refrigerant technologies, including selected statistics from sheccoBase.


The Danish Story will highlight how using natural refrigerants has become part normal everyday-day life in Denmark.


Moderator: Christian Heerup, Business Manager, Refrigeration, Danish Technological Institute | Policy Measures on F-Gasses: How did we respond?


Mikkel Aaman Sørensen, Head of Section – Chemicals Department, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark | Lessons Learned: Policy Measures on F-Gasses



This panel will discuss how recent and future changes in policy are paving the way for new solutions in air conditioning.


Moderator: Marc Chasserot, CEO, shecco


(Introduction) Bente Tranholm-Schwarz, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Clima, European Commission | EU F-Gas Policy: Promoting More Climate Friendly AC


Barbara Gschrey, Policy Advisor and Managing DirectorÖko-Recherche | Current Work on Stationary AC


Dr. Daniel de Graaf, Scientific Assistant, German Environment Agency (UBA) | Supporting the Use of Natural Refrigerants in Air Conditioning


Francesco Scuderi, Deputy Secretary General, Eurovent | EU Climate Neutrality Strategy


Wednesday, 24 June

This technical session will focus on large scale air conditioning applications — chillers, large scale heat pumps, multi-split systems, etc.


Moderator: Jan Dusek, Chief Operating Officer & Head of APAC, shecco


Giacomo Pisano, Technical Sales Manger, Dorin | Designing a 200kW Chiller: Efficiency Comparison Between HFCs and Natural Refrigerants in European Climate Zones


Sergio Girotto, President, Enex & Giacomo Tossatto, Researcher, ITC-CNR (National Research Council – Construction Technology Institute) | Improvements on: Water and Brine Chiller for Air Conditioning and Process Cooling


This technical session will focus on large scale air conditioning applications — chillers, large scale heat pumps, multi-split systems, etc.


Moderator: Christian Heerup, Business Manager, Refrigeration, Danish Technological Institute


Samir Hamed, Research & Development Manager, Petra (United Nations Industrial Development Organization [UNIDO] MLF project) | Design, Manufacturing and Performance Testing of Large Capacity R290 Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units
Joined in Q&A by: Franziska Menten, Project Coordinator, UNIDO


Neal Lawrence, Senior Research Engineer, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS) | Successful Conversion of Railway Air-Conditioning Unit to Transcritial R744 Technology


This technical session will focus on small scale air conditioning applications — split-units, air-handling with integrated heat pumps, etc.


Moderator: Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager, shecco


Martin Lazar, Co-Owner,  HKS Lazar | Air/Water Heat Pump HT 10/20 Method of Reducing R-290 Refrigerant Charge and COP Efficiency Increasing Methods


Rossana Boccia, PhD Student, Technical University of Denmark | Heat Recovery Ventilation Heat Pump Water Heaters and Propane: Development & Challenges


This technical session will focus on small scale air conditioning applications — split-units, air-handling with integrated heat pumps, etc.


Moderator: Christian Heerup, Business Manager, Refrigeration, Danish Technological Institute


Stefan Elbel, Chief Engineer, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS) | Energy Savings in Commercial Air Conditioning by Use of a Low-Charge Ammonia Chiller


Dr. Paride Gullo, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical University of Denmark (project with Danfoss) | A Novel Capacity Control Mechanism for Two-phase Ejectors in Transcritical R744 Air Conditioners

Summary of the conference with key takeaways by Esben Vendelbo Foged, Team Manager, Centre for Refrigeration- and Heat Pump Technology, Danish Technological Institute


Director of Research \\u0026 Development, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB)

As environmental engineer, Dr. Anna Braune has a deep understanding of both, environmental effects and issues and technical expertise on processing, using and disposal of natural and industrial goods. With a focus on the built environment, she gained vast experiences by assessing technologies, building elements, entire buildings and sites using environmental Life Cycle Assessment methodologies, substance assessments, and others. Being very business-oriented, she always keeps economic constraints and opportunities in mind when proposing environmental preferable solutions. From July 2007 until October 2008 she was the Initiator and Founding CEO of the German Sustainable Building Council. From November 2008 until June 2015 she was at PE INTERNATIONAL AG (today thinkstep AG) as responsible Project Manager and as Principal Consultant. In September 2015 she joined the DGNB again and is now Director Research and Development at the DGNB.

Directora Técnica, Area Cooling Solutions

Anna Giménez Tolosana, diplomada en Ingeniería técnica industrial especialidad química industrial por la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB), y master en energías renovables por el Institut Català de Tecnologies ( ICT), también ha participado en cursos de instalaciones de R744.Actualmente es la responsable del departamento técnico de Area Cooling Solutions, llevando a cabo la coordinación y supervisión del departamento. Cuanta con más de 20 años de experiencia en el sector de refrigeración y climatización, empezando en el sector de hostelería y alimentación. Más de 8 años de experiencia en tecnología inverter para refrigeración comercial.

Consultant, Vonsild Consulting ApS

Asbjørn Vonsild is the convener of the working group behind the IEC 60335-2-40 Ed. 7, to be published mid-2022. Asbjørn Vonsild is an independent consultant since 2015 specialising in safety standards and legislation related to flammable refrigerants. He has previously been at Danfoss from 2003 to 2015, responsibilities have included a department for refrigerants and standards, and before that a product technology department. Asbjørn has a Master of Engineering from University of Southern Denmark.

Policy Advisor and Managing Director, Öko-Recherche

Barbara Gschrey has been working for Öko-Recherche since 2009 and managed the preparatory study for the EU Commission in the context of the review of the F-Gas Regulation. She holds in-depth knowledge about use and emissions of fluorinated greenhouse gases and relevant business sectors.

Deputy Head of Unit, DG CLIMA, European Commission

Since 2010 Bente Tranholm Schwarz has been deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate General for Climate Action in the European Commission. She is in charge of policy development and implementation of the EU regulations preventing emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. These polices must also safeguard that the EU remains compliant with the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. Before 2010 she worked in the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, in the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry and in the Danish Permanent Representation to the European Union where her main focus was policies fostering competitiveness and competition. She holds two Master degrees in economics.

Business Manager, Refrigeration, Danish Technological Institute

Christian holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering supplemented by 30 years’ experience within refrigeration, including solutions for supermarkets, cold stores, heat recovery and air conditioning systems with focus on natural refrigerants CO2 and hydrocarbons. Christian has initiated several projects aiming at reducing climate impact and optimizing energy performance and he share his discoveries when delivering training courses in CO2 refrigeration.

Scientific Assistant, German Environment Agency (UBA)

Daniel de Graaf studied biochemistry at the Free University of Berlin and also earned his doctorate in 2009 from there. Since joining the German Environment Agency (Section III 1.4 Substance-related Product Issues) in 2008, he is concerned with fluorinated greenhouse gases which are predominantly used as refrigerants in e.g. air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment. He was responsible for the publication of several articles and reports dealing with the replacement of HFC refrigerants with natural refrigerants in refrigeration and stationary air conditioning. Furthermore, he was involved in the establishment of the German ecolabel (Blue Angel) for Energy-efficient Data Center Operation (RAL-UZ 161) and for Stationary Air Conditioners (RAL-UZ 204).

Team Manager, Centre for Refrigeration- and Heat Pump Technology, Danish Technological Institute

Esben holds a M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy and specializes i.a. in thermodynamics, heat pumps, energy systems and refrigeration. Esben has a considerable experience within refrigeration technology including various fields of energy usage in buildings and the production of energy in connection with buildings, including user experience. In addition to his role as team manager, Esben also participates in projects focusing on energy optimization and refrigeration as well as holds conferences and course activities related to EU ecodesign and energy labelling requirements.

Senior Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Fionnuala Walravens is EIA’s Senior Climate Campaigner. She first joined EIA in 2007 where she developed EIA’s pioneering Chilling Facts supermarket refrigeration campaign, which supported a global shift away from HFCs towards natural refrigerants in the commercial refrigeration sector. She is currently leading EIA’s investigations into illegal trade in HFCs, engaging both with the enforcement commuting and policy makers. Fionnuala is also involved in promoting pathway to net-zero cooling products and supporting EU Climate ambition through the F-Gas Regulation. After leaving school with a European Baccalaureate, Fionnuala studied Anthropology at University College London where she graduated with a BSc (Hons) and has a Masters of Research in Primatology from Roehampton University, London.

Deputy Secretary General, Eurovent Association

Francesco Scuderi holds a master’s degree in electrical energy engineering from the University of Catania. Before starting at Eurovent in 2015, Scuderi worked for the EPTA Group, gradually progressing to being in charge of the Group Regulatory Affairs and IP. Later on, he became the Convenor of the ISO/TC86/SC7/WG2 and CEN/TC44/WG6 ‘Commercial beverage coolers and ice-cream freezers’. Having specialised in European legislation, Scuderi, one of the European leading experts in the commercial refrigeration field, joined Eurovent as Technical and Regulatory Affairs Manager for the heating and cooling department, as well as horizontal issues such as energy labelling, the f-gas regulation, and market surveillance. In May 2017, he was appointed Eurovent Deputy Secretary General.

CO2 Compressors Business Development Manager, Dorin

After obtaining his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Giacomo Pisano worked for one year as a Project Manager for General Electric's Oil & Gas division, where the core business is turbomachinery applied to the oil \\u0026 gas industry. He joined DORIN in 2003 in the R&D department, taking responsibility of the CO2 compressor development and being in charge of the product's technical qualification. Giacomo Pisano then took over several application engineering roles and is currently responsible for the CO2 compressors' business development. In the meantime he joined several ASERCOM working groups and was the Chairman for the association's CO2 working group for many years.

Researcher, ITC-CNR (National Research Council – Construction Technology Institute)

Senior Fellow, Rocky Mountain Institute

Prior to joining RMI, Iain held various positions with Johnson Controls; most notably he was responsible for the Global Energy Solutions and the Global Workplace Solutions businesses within the Building Efficiency division. These businesses generated revenues in excess of $5.5 billion and were amongst the fastest growing businesses within the Building Efficiency division over this time period. In addition to the organic growth achieved, Iain led acquisitions in the areas of building services, lighting, demand response, energy management, and carbon reporting. Previously Iain served as the President of York International, Americas where he was responsible for the commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration businesses covering product development, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service within the Americas region. This business generated revenues in excess of $1.8 billion. Iain commenced his career in 1983 with York International in the U.K.; Johnson Controls acquired York International in 2005. Iain retired from Johnson Controls in 2014 to pursue his dream to qualify and compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii and continue his passion for energy and the environment at RMI.

Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere

With a post-graduate degree in journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa and 10 years of experience relating to the HVAC&R industry, Ilana joined ATMOsphere (formerly shecco) in 2019. Co-founder of ATMOsphere, she also heads up the Market Intelligence team, focusing on market research, policy analysis, media, and specialized campaigns – all with the aim to accelerate the global transition to clean cooling and natural refrigerant solutions.


Chief Operating Officer & Head of APAC, ATMOsphere

Jan holds a Doctor of Engineering degree in System Design from Hosei University in Tokyo and a Master’s degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his studies, and research undertaken in the USA, Europe and Japan, Jan has centered his academic focus on environmental technologies and marketing strategies. Having lived in Japan for over 13 years, Jan communicates fluently in Japanese and has a rich experience cooperating with Japanese industry. Jan is currently based in Tokyo, responsible for business/market development activities and monitoring Asian markets on behalf of ATMOsphere Japan. He is also the global COO for ATMOsphere (formerly shecco).


Founder & CEO, ATMOsphere

Founder of ATMOsphere a global, independent market accelerator with a mission to clean-up cooling. Marc Chasserot has 20 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector. His focus throughout those years has been with Natural Refrigerant based technologies used in Refrigeration, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning applications. He has founded several industry platforms, namely;,,, and Accelerate Magazine. Published numerous reports for industry and policy-makers, chaired over 70 ATMOsphere conferences worldwide. Marc has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and America. He holds several degrees in Economics, Marketing and Politics.

Co-Owner & Board Member, HKS Lazar

Martin Lazar studied economics at GWSH in Katowice. Involved in heating branch from the begining of its professional career. Since 2002 is a coowner and the member of the board of HKS LAZAR company. As a chef of marketing and sales department he is also involved in development of new projects.

Chief Executive Director, TripleAqua

Menno van der Hoff has been innovating heat pumps since 1989, many years Head of R&D at Colt International UK/D/NL and he invented the patented TripleAqua technology. TripleAqua is a natural three pipe reversible heat pump system without a 4-way valve, thus always more efficient, with less material and much less piping costs! The technology was tested at a series of pilots with the help of BeijerRef. By applying thermal storage, natural refrigerant propane, optimized heat transfer, a zero carbon footprint solution is created. TripleAqua is relaunched at ChillVenta 22 with CO2 transcritical. Menno has patented his designs and all patents have been granted and commercialized. Several licenses have been given out to leading family owned European heat pump manufacturers. For his work, he received a long list of awards, some to mention: the Cooling Industry Award 2009 UK, the H&V News award 2009 Environmental initiative of the year, twice he received the Dutch NVKL Cool Trophy for a propylene decentral heat pump system and for TripleAqua, the EU Climate-KIC award, EU Heat pump initiative of the year, the IEA Heat pump innovation award, The European Heat Pump City of the Year HPCY award, Person of the Year 2017 (Atmosphere) and more. Menno strives to continue to build new and innovative businesses using natural refrigerant and the most efficient heat pump technology available or to be invented.

Head of Content, ATMOsphere

As the Head of Content for ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), veteran journalist Michael Garry is responsible for the news articles on, and He also contributes to in-depth market reports, helps to organize ATMO conferences and helps to manage and curate the global ATMO Connect network. Starting at ATMOsphere in 2014, he has also served as editor-in-chief of Accelerate America and Accelerate Magazine. Prior to joining ATMOsphere, he led the coverage of sustainability, technology and logistics at Supermarket News for 11 years. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of M.I.T with a degree in political science, he is the author of “Game of My Life: New York Mets.”

Head of Section - Chemicals Department, Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Sørensen has for several years been responsible for issues regarding ozone depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gasses. He was co-chair for the Montreal Protocol meetings in 2007 and 2008. In 2009 he chaired the negotiations on a global phase down of HFCs under the Montreal Protocol. \\n\\nSørensen holds a master’s degree in environmental biology from the University of Copenhagen. He graduated in 1986.

Senior Research Engineer, Creative Thermal Solutions (CTS)

Neal completed his graduate studies at the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center (ACRC) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he received his MS in 2012 and his PhD in 2016. He has authored over 40 papers on fundamental and applied research on vapor-compression systems, with a focus on two-phase ejector technology and the application of natural refrigerants carbon dioxide and ammonia in refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Dr. Paride Gullo has been working on transcritical R744 vapour-compression systems for more than 6 years. He earned his Ph.D. in Environmental and Energy Engineering Science from University of Udine (Italy) in April 2017. During his Ph.D. studies he spent 8 months at Technical University of Denmark and 3 months at SINTEF Energy Research (Norway). In May 2017 he joined Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) to work within MultiPACK project as a Postdoctoral Researcher. In August 2019 he was awarded the prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship to investigate on an innovative capacity control technique for R744 two-phase ejectors (ECO2-RAPJECT project) at Technical University of Denmark.

PhD Student, Technical University of Denmark

Rossana Boccia holds a master of science in mechanical engineering from University of Federico Secondo (Naples, Italy) and she is a PhD student from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Her research is focused on the development of a new generation of high efficient heat recovery ventilation heat pump water heaters using natural refrigerants. The project is supported by Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram (EUDP) and it is running in collaboration with, Nilan A/S, Danish Technological Institute (DTU) and Vonsild Consult.

Research & Development Manager, Petra Engineering

Samir has 26 years of experience in the field of the design, production testing and developing several type of air conditioning equipments. He is also RTOC member with UNEP since 2012 working as a co- author for chapters 7,9,12 and 13 in the 2014 and 2018 assessment reports.

President, enEX

Sergio Girotto graduated from Padova University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. In 2004 he founded Enex srl, a company specialising in refrigeration and heat pump systems based on natural refrigerants. Before this, he worked in the field of commercial refrigeration for almost 20 years, covering various technical roles including design, research and development as well as manufacturing.

Professor, University of Birmingham

Co-inventor of Liquid Air Energy Storage and joint lead on the original Doing Cold Smarter Policy Commission, Toby leads much of the new system-level approaches around the role 'clean cold' has to play in emerging market transformation. He is also a consultant to the World Bank and Sustainable Energy for All (Cooling for All) and sits on the Technical Advisory Panel for the Global Cooling Prize.




Deputy Events Manager



Events & Marketing Coordinator

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