ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2021

ONLINE – 28-29 September, 2021

ATMOsphere Europe Summit 2021


ATMOsphere Europe 2021 will take place in a digital format 28-29 September. As always, we will be delivering the high-quality content our HVAC&R community has come to know!


• Online event: ATMO Europe will be a two-day event full of experts highlighting the main trends of the industry in livestream.

• Branding visibility for Sponsors on the online event platform.

• Two-day programme to cover policy developments (revision of the EU F-Gas), market updates, case studies, end users’ experiences, digitalisation, training and more.

• Attendees expected from all Europe (and beyond – Africa and Middle East).

• Networking opportunities: meet all the relevant industry stakeholders

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End users, policy makers, manufacturers, researchers, academia, NGOs, associations, media and consultants.


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Welcome and introduction by Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere

In this session, our keynote will give an exclusive in-depth look, from an end user perspective, on the research he carried out on the impact of refrigerants. He will talk us through the importance of looking at the impact of refrigerants, going beyond the 100 Year GWP metric.


Moderator: Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere


Collin Bootsveld, Project Engineer, Colruyt Group | Refrigerants deep dive – from an end user perspective

An exclusive, in-depth look at the latest natural refrigerants-based technology trends in different applications around the globe.


Moderator: Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere


Armin Hafner, Professor Dr.-Ing. Refrigeration Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) | Latest natural refrigerants-based technology trends in different applications around the globe


Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere, will share the latest market and policy trends from around the world on natural refrigerant technologies, including selected data from ATMOsphere’s Annual Market Intelligence Report. She will particularly focus on the “Mega Trends” affecting the industry, either driving impeding the uptake of natural refrigerants.

Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere will hold an exclusive interview with Andreas Meier, Managing DirectorTEKO Refrigeration.


In this session, Castel will present their approach to the carbon impact of manufacturing. They will explain how they study and design each of their components through numerical computational simulation software. Learn how the company’s way of research and development helps them face technical and environmental challenges, reduce their carbon footprint, costs and resources.


Moderator: Ilana Koegelenberg, Market intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere


Alessandro Farina, Application Manager, Castel | The Castel way of design 

Leading end users will share their experiences using different types of natural refrigerant technologies, including benefits, challenges and future plans.


Moderator: Collin Bootsveld, Project Engineer, Colruyt Group | Modular Cooling and the circular economy 


David Schalenbourg, Director ACM (Architecture, Construction & Maintenance), Delhaize Against all (flo)odds


Olaf Schulze, Director Energy Management/ Real Estate Sustainability, METRO Properties METRO: F-Gas Exit program  


Kim André Lovas, Energy Specialist, TINE & Bjarne Horntvedt, COO, Hybrid Energy The Tine Bergen Dairy


Case studies presented by leading manufacturers, commercial and industrial applications of natural refrigerants.


Moderator: Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere


Davide Bargero, Marketing Manager F&B, EPTA Refrigeration & Michael Markert, Head of VISIT Procurement, Red Bull The roadmap to carbon neutrality in Food & Beverage: the example of Red Bull 


Olivier Liegeois, Director Marketing Refrigeration, EmersonAdrian Crowther, Design & Standards Manager – Refrigeration, Co-op UK , & Mike Gittoes, Managing DirectorArctic Circle | A breakthrough in CO2 technology: supermarket store case study


Andrea CusinTechnical Key Account ManagerArneg | Integrated HVAC – refrigeration system


Benjamin Tissot, CO2 and Cold Chain Key-Account Manager – Europe,  Panasonic | CO2 condensing units in challenging environments 


Mark SeverGlobal Applications Expert – Food retail, Danfoss & Lars Bluhm, Regional Sales Manager DACH Region, Advansor | Field Study: CO2 Ejector system performance in a medium-sized supermarket in Central Europe climate zone – a full year of operation



Welcome and introduction by Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere

Key representatives will discuss on the latest developments in terms of the EU F-Gas Regulation review, applicable regulatory issues, and standards impacting natural refrigerants in Europe.


Moderator: Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere


Bente Tranholm Schwarz, Deputy Head of Unit, DG Clima, EU Commission | European Green Deal, tuning our EU F-Gas policy


Diana Thalheim, Scientist and Policy Advisor, German Environment Agency (UBA) | Proposals to enhance F-Gas emission reduction 


Clare Perry, Climate Campaign Leader, EIA | Civil society views


Eoin Lennon, Industry Representative, Member of the Clean Cooling Coalition, Director of Innovation, Novum  Industry wants an ambitious F-Gas Regulation


Panel discussion around the impact of refrigerants on our health, safety, and the greater environment. Looking at the various refrigerant types on the market and potential concerns particularly around HFOs.


Moderator: Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere


Michael Kauffeld, ProfessorKarlsruhe University of Applied Sciences | Impact of refrigerants on our health, safety, and the greater environment 


David Behringer, Project ManagerÖko-Recherche | Persistent degradation products of halogenated refrigerants and blowing agents in the environment


Carolina KoronenProgramme Manager, Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) | Environmental impact of HFCs


Thomas Frank, CEORefolution Industriekälte | Health impacts of fluorinated refrigerants


Experts will talk about the offer of natural refrigerants-based training opportunities.


Moderator: Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere


Michael KauffeldProfessorKarlsruhe University of Applied Sciences | Natural refrigerants: applications and practical guidelines – a new source for training. Focus on ammonia


Armin Hafner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Refrigeration Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology | How to upgrade CO2 Booster Systems


Joachim Schadt, General Manager, Secon | Hydrocarbon-Chiller 


Thomas Bartmann, Sales Director – Member of the Executive Board, Efficient Energy | Clean cooling with water as refrigerant

Looking at the transport sector and the opportunities for natural refrigerant to grow – both in mobile air conditioning (MAC) and transport applications. What is currently available and what is needed?


Moderator: Michael Garry, Head of Content, ATMOsphere


Lukas Beier, R&D Engineer, TEKO Refrigeration | Board kitchens sustainably equipped – CO2 cooling in very small spaces (trains)


Dominik RadlerChief Technology Officer, productbloks & Nikolaus Skarabela, Energy Efficiency and Mobility Officer, Schachinger Logistik | Road test of R290 transport refrigeration system on a battery-electric LCV


Björn Kern, Head of Technical Application Department, Konvekta | Experiences with R744 in a mobile heat pump application 


In this session, panelists will discuss the rapidly growing demand for commercial HVAC solutions in Europe and the potential for natural refrigerants to make an impact and take market share. They will also investigate the potential and significant energy savings achieved with natural heat pump solutions.


Moderator: Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere


Kim G Christensen, Managing Director, Fenagy | Industrial heat pumps with CO2 as refrigerant 


Luca Rossi, Project Manager, Biaggini Andrea Skory, Technical Manager, Migros | Swiss shopping mall implements 600kW CO2 reversible heat pump/chiller


Kenneth Hoffmann, Product Manager, GEAGEA’s 6MW ammonia heat pump turns energy from coal mine into renewable heating


Graham McDermott, Process, Marine and Applied Refrigeration Director, J&E Hall | Ammonia-based heat pump system for district heating application 


Xavier Delaigue, Sales Director EMEA, Seeley International, Alain Elleboudt, Manager Service Bâtiments, FACQ & Alexandre Dimitrieff, Founder & Owner, Bioclimas | FACQ low carbon cooling & IAQ


Martin Lazar, Co-Owner & Board Member, HKS Lazar | HTI Inverter air/water heat pump models with R290 refrigerant-COP increasing methods


Case studies presented by leading manufacturers, commercial and industrial applications of natural refrigerants.


Moderator: Michael Garry, Head of Content, ATMOsphere


Hassan AbbouTechnical Sales ManagerTEKO Refrigeration | CO2-chiller for process cooling in a french shrimp factory 


Marino Bassi, Key Account Sr. Advisor – Commercial Business, Nidec Embraco & Marco Solimeo, R&D Lab Manager, EPTA Refrigeration | Energy saving natural solutions: commercial refrigeration integral cabinets 


Matteo Dal Corso, Application Manager – Retail Marketing, Carel | Increasing energy efficiency in a Belgian hypermarket – innovative CO2 technology for heat exchange optimization


Giacomo Pisano, CO2 Compressors BDMDorinIndustrial refrigeration systems – 500 kw process cooling chiller: capital & operational costs comparison between HFC/Os and natural refrigerants solutions


Gaël GrenatDirector, Product Management & Marketing – Mechanical Systems, Carrier | The multiple benefits of CO2 : cooling, freezing and heating for a sausage rolls processing plant


Peter Michael Hansen, Head of Global Application, Secop & Yuan Li (Lily), Global Marketing, Secop Powerful green and electronics controlled solution 


Thomas BartmannSales Director, Efficient Energy | Case study Gedia: Clean cooling with R718 and Bluezero Technology in the automotive industry 


Vladyslav TsyplakovBusiness Development and Marketing DirectorMirai Intex The air-cycle revolution in Ultra-low temperature storage and processes

Summary of the two-day conference with key takeaways by Marc Chasserot, Founder, ATMOsphere


Adrian Crowther

Design & Standards Manager, Co-op UK

Adrian is a Fellow of the Institute of Refrigeration and is a good All rounder with a broad based experience in engineering and 33 years Retail Facility Management service provision. Particular expertise in refrigeration development and applied building service requirements, plus a recognized capability with CAFM systems (Verisae/Concept). Specialized in Refrigeration development and Building Services incorporating systemic controls, but has ability in more widespread disciplines including building structures and fabric problem areas. Currently in a lead role within the Co-Op Property Engineering & Standards team to assist in developing best practice and specification adherence in a recently revised, highly motivated and dynamic team structure.


Manager Service Bâtiments, FACQ

Application Manager, Castel

Eng. Alessandro Farina Is one of the “Application Managers” for Castel. Trained as a mechanical engineer, he has a 22 years background in Research and development, project management, testing planners and creator, High-level trainer, and problem-solving. Technical contact person for the North and South America market and Canada, and key technician manager for the relationship with OEM systems builders.

Andrea Cusin

Technical Key Account Manager, Arneg Italy

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2003 from the University of Padua with a Master in Refrigeration. He joined Arneg Italy in November 2003, initially working in refrigeration system design and then becoming Product and Project manager of several Refrigeration Projects in different locations around the world, mainly focused on CO2 and energy-saving applications.

Andrea Skory

Facility and Technical Manager, Migros

Training as electrical engineer at the professional university of Bienne (CH). Professional practice: 2 years development engineer at Schindler Ebikon, 6 years design engineer and 4 years Facility Management engineer at Swisscom. Since 2000, i am the Facility Manager engineer and technical manager of Migros Ticino.

Managing Director, TEKO Refrigeration

Andreas Meier has several years of experience in management functions within the refrigeration sector. He has been a member of TEKO's management since August 2015. He was previously President of Sales D / A / CH at GEA Refrigeration Technologies, based in Berlin - Germany, and before that he was the Head of Marketing and Product Management at GEA Küba GmbH. He also worked in Zug - Switzerland, as Sales & Marketing Manager at a Japanese manufacturer for industrial refrigeration.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Refrigeration Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Armin Hafner is the professor for Refrigeration Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology NTNU in Trondheim Norway. He is also the president of The Norwegian Society of Refrigeration. During the past decades his research and development is focusing on refrigeration and heat pumping systems with natural working fluids.

Benjamin Tissot

Cold Chain Key-Account Manager, Panasonic

Benjamin has close to 12 years in the commercial refrigeration industry, working almost with #NatRef only. He worked with natural refrigerants, from R290 / R600a by AHT Cooling Systems to CO2 from Sanden, and Panasonic until today. He is currently the Cold Chain Key-Account Manager for Panasonic and does not believe in other refrigerants, but #NatRef!

Deputy Head of Unit, DG CLIMA, European Commission

Since 2010 Bente Tranholm Schwarz has been deputy Head of Unit in the Directorate General for Climate Action in the European Commission. She is in charge of policy development and implementation of the EU regulations preventing emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. These polices must also safeguard that the EU remains compliant with the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer. Before 2010 she worked in the Commission’s Directorate General for Competition, in the Danish Ministry of Business and Industry and in the Danish Permanent Representation to the European Union where her main focus was policies fostering competitiveness and competition. She holds two Master degrees in economics.

Bjarne Horntvedt

COO, Hybrid Energy

Bjarne has worked with industrial energy saving and energy efficiency for 32 years. First, 16 years at the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) as a research scientist, and last 16 years as founder of Hybrid Energy making industrial high temperature heat pumps supplying up to 105°C with the natural refrigerant water and ammonia. Most projects are implemented in the food industry in Norway, Denmark, and France substituting fossil fuel-fired heaters.

Bjoern Kern

Head of technical application, Konvekta

Since 2005 Björn Kern has been the head of the technical application department. His first project was a mobile transcritical R744 unit in 2008. Since 2012 he has been working on Konvekta R744 HP Generation 1 for Electrical busses. From 2015 till now, Björn has been supporting the transformation of Konvekta R744 HP Gen 1 to Gen 2 and the introduction in different customer applications.


Programme Manager, Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS)

Carolina Koronen is Programme Manager at the Environmental Coalition on Standards (ECOS) where she is responsible for standardization work on refrigerants, as well as energy and material efficiency of cooling appliances and household appliances. Carolina joined ECOS in March 2021 and has a background in academia where she conducted research on smart energy systems at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, and previously Lund University. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Systems Engineering from Lund University, Sweden.

Clare Perry

Climate Campaign Leader, Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)

Clare Perry is the Climate Campaign Leader at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA). With more than 20 years working on global environmental issues, Clare is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of EIA´s climate campaign, which seeks to reduce emissions of climate super-pollutants, including ozone depleting substances, hydrofluorocarbons and methane. Clare has advocated ambitious environmental policies at multiple international fora (Montreal Protocol, UNFCCC, CITES, International Whaling Commission), including the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol and the EU F-Gas Regulation. Clare graduated from the University of Southampton in 1993 with a BSc in biology and subsequently gained a Masters degree in coastal zone management.

Collin Bootsveld speaker


Collin Bootsveld has a background in Chemical Process Engineering and experience on the introduction of natural refrigerants within Colruyt Groups' supermarkets in Belgium. Refrigeration and air conditioning also formed a large part of his work for the Dutch research organization TNO. He has developed his career around energy conservation in the process industry, the built environment, greenhouses, and the retail sector. He works as an independent short-term expert on the introduction of sustainable technology, such as cooling, heat pumps and air-conditioning with natural refrigerants or electrical and hydrogen powered transport.

David Behringer

Project Manager, Öko-Recherche

David Behringer studied Environmental Sciences and Organismic Biology in Bielefeld and Marburg and received his PhD in Molecular Ecology from the University of Marburg in 2017. Since 2017, he works as a project manager at the environmental consultancy firm Öko-Recherche in Frankfurt/Main. His work is focused on ozone-depleting substances and fluorinated greenhouse gases in the context of environmental policy with a national and international scope

David Schalenbourg

Director Delhaize Technics (Architecture, Construction & Maintenance), Delhaize

As director of the Technical Department BeLux David Schalenbourg is since September 2015 in charge of realizing Delhaize's ambitions to reduce its CO2 footprint by building towards a sustainable 'brick' network. Graduated as an architect in Brussels, with Master in Urban Planning obtained in Paris and with an international track record in a variety of sustainable building projects (residential, office, retail, islands, ...)

Davide Bargero

Marketing Manager F&B, EPTA Refrigeration

Davide Bargero gathered about thirty years’ experience in the world of commercial and professional refrigeration for Food&Beverage, supporting main European and LATAM customers in the sector. Thanks to his commercial and project management skills, he is responsible for the development of the F&B product marketing for Epta, facing new challenges in a fast-evolving market while taking into account environmental impact of products.

Diana Thalheim

Scientist and Policy Advisor, German Environment Agency (UBA)

Diana studied Chemistry at the University in Leipzig, Germany and a PhD in Chemistry 2013 (TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany) Since 2016, she has worked as a scientist and policy advisor at the German Environment Agency (UBA), Section III 1.4 Substance-related Product Issues. Her work is focused on fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances. Her team evaluates and proposes policies and measures for reduction of F-gas emissions.

Dominik Radler

Chief Technology Officer, PBX

Dominik finished his Master studies at University of Vienna in chemical and process engineering and after that was working at the University of Stuttgart on a project for an autark standby cooling system of Truck driver’s cabins. He later worked for a big OEM in the refrigeration field, responsible for developing a new system for transport refrigeration of long-haul trailers.   After the project he co-founded PBX (formerly PRODUCTBLOKS) with the aim to develop transport refrigeration systems with hydrocarbon refrigerants. The developed product for light commercial vehicles achieved certification by the end of 2020 and is now commercially available as the first of its kind.

Member of the Clean Cooling Coalition & Director of Innovation, Novum

Eoin is a highly regarded thought leader with a long and distinguished career in the Refrigeration Industry for the last 30+ years. The holder of a 1st class honours degree in engineering he combines this with a wealth of experience to make a difference in refrigeration thinking and design. Eoin joined Novum in 2007. He’s been working on pioneering the development of Propane refrigeration systems since 2008. This has culminated in the development of the LEAP® technology, a breakthrough Cassette refrigeration system for Novum display cabinets.

Director, Product Management & Marketing – Mechanical Systems, Carrier

Gaël Grenat has an extensive experience in product management, marketing and business development in the industrial control and automation sector. After having been appointed as Sales Leader at ABB in Shanghai, China for 2 years and afterwards Head of Product Management at TE Connectivity, he occupies currently the position of Marketing and Product Management Director for Refrigeration Systems at CARRIER Commercial Refrigeration, based in Aubagne, France. He completed a Master’s degree in International Business at SKEMA Business School and a Bachelor’s degree at Stirling University, Scotland.

CO2 Compressors Business Development Manager, Dorin

After obtaining his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2002, Giacomo Pisano worked for one year as a Project Manager for General Electric's Oil & Gas division, where the core business is turbomachinery applied to the oil \\u0026 gas industry. He joined DORIN in 2003 in the R&D department, taking responsibility of the CO2 compressor development and being in charge of the product's technical qualification. Giacomo Pisano then took over several application engineering roles and is currently responsible for the CO2 compressors' business development. In the meantime he joined several ASERCOM working groups and was the Chairman for the association's CO2 working group for many years.

Graham McDermott

Process, Marine and Applied Refrigeration Director, J&E Hall

Graham joined J & E Hall in 2010 managing the Company’s special packages department and is now Director of Process Systems & Marine. Supplying bespoke refrigeration solutions and chillers to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Industrial applications both Internationally and in the UK.

Hassan Abbou

Technical Sales Manager France, TEKO Refrigeration

Hassan Abbou has been working with the TEKO team as the “Technical Sales Manager France” since November 2018. He is specialised in the design, planning, installation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and has experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration for more than 10 years. Thanks to his previous employment with installation companies and manufacturers of compressors and multicompressor systems, Hassan Abbou understands the demands of the French market, customer requirements and the features of refrigeration applications with CO2.

Market Intelligence Manager & Co-Founder, ATMOsphere

With a post-graduate degree in journalism from Rhodes University in South Africa and 10 years of experience relating to the HVAC&R industry, Ilana joined ATMOsphere (formerly shecco) in 2019. Co-founder of ATMOsphere, she also heads up the Market Intelligence team, focusing on market research, policy analysis, media, and specialized campaigns – all with the aim to accelerate the global transition to clean cooling and natural refrigerant solutions.

Joachim Schadt

Managing Director, Secon

Dipl.-Ing. Joachim Schadt held a managerial position at a large retail company for the construction / technology sector for more than ten years and was responsible for the conversion of refrigeration technology to natural refrigerants. In 2010 he set up his own company Secon GmbH, which today is one of the leading providers of liquid coolers with flammable refrigerants.

Kenneth Hoffmann

Product Manager, GEA

Kenneth is a Product Manager for Heat Pumps solutions at GEA. This role involves the development of industrial heat pumps application and training of GEA’s global sales team. He has acquired a broad knowledge of industrial ammonia heat pump applications through many installations with capacities from 200 kW to 40,000 kW. With applications stretching from Dairies, Food processing, Combined heat and power, and ground source heat pumps. With the continued development of the market, he has also been involved in the exploration of new Heat Pump technologies with CO2 and hydrocarbons.

Kim Andre Lovas

Energy Specialist, TINE

Kim Andre Lovas has an MSc in Mechanics and Process Technology from NMBU and is working as an Energy specialist at TINE. Is presently working in several research projects related to heat pump technology, energy efficiency and waste heat utilization, and are actively working on turning research into real-world applicable technology.

CEO, Fenagy

Educated as mechanical engineer at DTU back in 1995 later in 2003 further educated in Engineering Business Administration (bachelor). Started as engineer at Danish Technological Institute in 1995 and worked as general manager for the refrigeration department from 2001. Started own company, Advansor, in 2006, which was the fastest growing start-up in DK in the years 2008-2011. Sold the company to the Dover Industries in 2011 and stayed as CEO for Advansor until 2018. Took a year in 2018/2019 crossing the Atlantic Ocean with my family and a 8-month cruise in Caribbean before returning to Denmark in the summer 2019. Now working with start-ups and advisory business focusing on sustainable businesses within environment and energy sector. CO-founded Fenagy during the summer 2020 with the ambition to create a professional OEM in the field of industrial refrigeration and electrical heap pumps based on CO2 as refrigerant. The majority of Fenagy was acquired by Beijer Ref in 2021.

Lars Bluhm_ Advansor

Regional Sales Manager, Advansor

Lars Bluhm has more than 15 years’ experience within the refrigeration industry focusing on commercial refrigeration especially food retail applications. Lars is working as Regional Sales Manager D A CH Region at Advansor. Advansor designs and produce the world’s best sustainable CO2 climate solutions.

Luca Rossi

Ing. ENG. Project Manager, Biaggini Frigoriferi

Born in Italy, Luca obtained a specialist degree in energy engineering (ingegneria energetica) at Politecnico of Milan in 2011. He's been working in E. Biaggini SA in Switzerland since 2013 and is project manager in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems with transcritical CO2 technology. Luca speaks Italian, English and German and closely collaborates with many Swiss, European and Chinese companies.

Lukas Beier

R&D Engineer, TEKO Refrigeration

Lukas Beier started his apprenticeship at TEKO as a mechatronics technician for refrigeration in 2013. After successfully graduating, he worked in the TEKO production as a mechanic for a short period before beginning his studies as Bachelor of Science – specialized in refrigeration technology. For more than two years, Lukas Beier has been a member of our research and development department.

Founder & CEO, ATMOsphere

Founder of ATMOsphere a global, independent market accelerator with a mission to clean-up cooling. Marc Chasserot has 20 years of experience in the HVAC&R sector. His focus throughout those years has been with Natural Refrigerant based technologies used in Refrigeration, Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning applications. He has founded several industry platforms, namely;,,, and Accelerate Magazine. Published numerous reports for industry and policy-makers, chaired over 70 ATMOsphere conferences worldwide. Marc has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and America. He holds several degrees in Economics, Marketing and Politics.

Marco Solimeo

R&D Lab Manager, EPTA Refrigeration

Marco Solimeo studied at Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) where he earned his M.Sc. degree in Energy Engineering in 2014, including a brief period as researcher at Delft University of Technology (Netherlands). Fresh graduate, he started his career in Epta R&D department as thermodynamic engineer, involved in the design and testing of refrigerated self-contained cabinets. He became R&D laboratory manager in 2020, focusing on innovative projects with hydrocarbon refrigerants and certification processes according to international safety standards.

Marino Bassi

Key Account Sr. Advisor - Commercial Business, Nidec Embraco

After his graduation in Ingegneria Elettrica at the Pavia University of Studies he was attracted by the refrigeration sector. Engaged in Embraco since the beginning, he held several positions, including Technical Support, Marketing for Innovation, and actually Key Account Sr. Advisor - Commercial Business, dealing with Technical Liaisons between Embraco-OEMs-End Users. He pioneered the penetration and diffusion of HCs as a natural solution for integral commercial applications. Partner of RealAlternatives4Life EU training and CEN TC44 member for standardization.

Mark Sever

Global Applications Expert - Food retail, Danfoss

Mark Sever has a background in thermodynamics and more than 20 years of experience in refrigeration applications with an emphasis on electronics and monitoring systems. For the last decade, Mark has focused on developing technology that uses CO2 as a refrigerant and on enhancing system performance in food retail applications. Mark greatly enjoys sharing his knowledge in refrigeration applications.

Pawel Matusiak

Co-Owner & Board Member, HKS Lazar

Martin Lazar is involved in the heating branch from the beginning of his professional career. Since 2002 Martin has been the Co-owner and Member of the Board of HKS LAZAR Company. As a Chief of Marketing and Sales Department, he is also involved in R&D projects.

Matteo Dal Corso

Application Manager - Retail Marketing, Carel

After obtaining his Master degree in Energy Engineering (Padua University, 2015), Matteo Dal Corso joined CAREL working as an Application Manager for food retail refrigeration application. He is currently in charge of the development and deployment of electronic controllers dedicated to centralized supermarket and condensing units by defining marketing strategies, proposing new solutions and supporting the sales network with technical and application consulting.  During the last period he has been focused mainly on the use of DC compressors in CO2 transcritical application.

Head of Content, ATMOsphere

As the Head of Content for ATMOsphere (formerly shecco), veteran journalist Michael Garry is responsible for the news articles on, and He also contributes to in-depth market reports, helps to organize ATMO conferences and helps to manage and curate the global ATMO Connect network. Starting at ATMOsphere in 2014, he has also served as editor-in-chief of Accelerate America and Accelerate Magazine. Prior to joining ATMOsphere, he led the coverage of sustainability, technology and logistics at Supermarket News for 11 years. A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of M.I.T with a degree in political science, he is the author of “Game of My Life: New York Mets.”

Michael Kauffeld

Professor , Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences

Michael Kauffeld has been working with research and development of refrigeration systems with natural refrigerants and ice slurry for more than 30 years. Since 2002, he has been researching and teaching at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. He also advises public and private institutions on the use of natural refrigerants and ice slurry.


Head of VISIT (Visibility Items) Procurement, Red Bull

Michael has a strong educational background on business economics and supply chain management. His international experience started with working in the industrial engineering sector for 7 years in Germany and China. Throughout the 6 years in FMCG business, Michael focused mainly on procurement and product lifecycle management for various product groups. Michael is currently based in Salzburg, responsible for the development and procurement of all POS items, globally.

Mike Gittoes

Managing Director, Arctic Circle

Managing Director at Arctic Circle Ltd. Mike is a dedicated entrepreneur with a decade’s history of managing the success of the operational delivery of the business. Mike is critical to the company’s success in delivering new revolutionary products to market that meet with our mission to pioneering smart innovation that matters. Mike is passionate about investing in the knowledge and expertise of the people around him to ensure the company operates in a sustainable manner, for the employees, community, and industry. Before dedicating himself to Arctic Circle Mike was successful in obtaining a BA(Hons) in Business Enterprise at the University of the West of England, this alongside his exposure to the successful operation of a business when he was young creates a recipe for success.

Energy Efficiency and Mobility Officer, Schachinger Logistik

Nikolaus Skarabela studied eco-energy technology at the FH Upper Austria from 2005 to 2009. Since 2009 he has been working in companies as an expert for the mobility and energy sector. His responsibilities include the development and implementation of new concepts in the mobility and innovation sector, trainings and lectures, and the acquisition and project management of large lighthouse projects like ZERO Logistics.

Olaf Schulze

Director Energy Management/ Real Estate Sustainability, METRO Properties Holding

Olaf Schulze is the Director Energy Management/ Real Estate Sustainability at METRO Properties Holding From 2005 to 2013, he was the Managing Director of Metro Properties Energy Management GmbH. Previously, Schulze worked at Europower Energy GmbH as the Head of Legal and Human Resources and at Geberit Mapress GmbH as the Head of Legal and Insurance.

Olivier Liégeois

Director Marketing Refrigeration, Emerson

Olivier Liégeois is Marketing Refrigeration Director for the Retail Sector in Europe at Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions.  He has a Master's Degree in Engineering in Thermodynamics from the University of Liège (B) and has been working at Emerson for more than 20 years. He has been involved in New Product Development during all his career, starting from engineering, to project management and now to product management, where he is responsible for the Cold Chain solutions using natural refrigerants.

Head of Global Application, Secop

Peter holds a Honours degree in thermal and mechanical engineering. He has more than 20 years’ experience in Refrigeration Compressor and System Optimization. His background in the compressor industry comes from more than 15 years at Danfoss Compressors and 10 years at Secop. Currently, Peter is global responsible for all Secop technical and customer application support.

Thomas Bartman

Sales Director, Efficient Energy

Thomas Bartmann, born in 1958, studied mechanical engineering at the renowned RWTH University in Aachen, Germany. He is working in the international HVACR industry since 1986. During that time, he worked for renowned companies such as Carrier, Johnson Controls, Emerson Network Power, and Cofely (today ENGIE). In his positions, leading international sales and business development, he could benefit from his wide technical expertise and great network in the refrigeration industry. Thomas joined Efficient Energy in 2017 as a Member of the Executive Board. He is responsible for the strategic internationalization of the company and heads the departments of Sales, Marketing and Service.

Thomas Frank

CEO, Refolution Industriekälte

Thomas Frank is a chemical engineer (Dipl. Ing.) and certificated senior project manager (IPMA level B) with demonstrating experience and network in the field of refrigeration. For over 10 years, he has been working in different fields of industrial refrigeration from process cooling for chemical plants to food storage and environmental simulation. In 2019 he founded Refolution, an engineering office that is using deep knowledge of refrigeration and analytic process understanding to develop new processes in different fields to transform the industry to natural refrigeration only with efficient, long lasting and safe for humans and nature technologies. Refolution is well known for inventing and building new solutions with the oil-free air refrigeration machine from Mitrai Intex like the -115°C cold sauna, the vaccines storage container,  the HOF-CryoBlizzard that is a central refrigeration plant for pharmaceutical batch processes like lyophilization and plasma freezing, steel hardening, plastic deburring and a solvent recycling process. 

Vladyslav Tsyplakov

Business Development and Marketing Director, Mirai Intex

While achieving his University degrees in Business Administration and Management (with emphasis on Marketing), Vladyslav has been working intensively with MIRAI since 2015. MIRAI specializes in the development and manufacturing of air-cycle refrigeration machines designed for Ultra-low temperature applications. Through the implementation of innovative technologies, MIRAI aims to shift the ultra-cold refrigeration industry in favor of climate protection.

Xavier Delaigue

EMEA Sales Director, Seeley International

Graduated from Oxford Brookes University and Grenoble Business School, I’ve mostly been working in HVAC international development. After few years as International Sales Director for a major industrial gas heaters manufacturer, in 2005 I joined Seeley International to take part to the development of the very innovative and unique environmental adiabatic air conditioning solutions designed and manufactured by Seeley. With great successes in Middle East like the recent supply for cooling 50.000 tents accommodating the Mecca - Hajj pilgrims; our main focus in Europe is on commercial and industrial buildings where there are substantial energy savings to be done in providing Healthy IAQ and Fresh air.

Global Marketing, Secop

Lily holds an MBA degree and has worked for more than 20 years in the refrigeration industry with rich experiences in quality, sales, marketing, and business development. Currently she is responsible for the global operative marketing function in Secop, focusing on product portfolio & roadmap, marketing promotion & communication, etc.



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