ATMOsphere Japan 2020

Tokyo – February 10, 2020

ATMOsphere Japan 2020


We’re thrilled to bring you yet another superb edition of ATMOsphere Japan during the month of super February – it will be THE time to be in Tokyo!

The 2020 edition of the conference discuss and analyze the status of the market for natural refrigerants-based technologies and opportunities in the fast-growing market of Japan where competition is increasing.

Key discussion points in this year’s conference will include: 

Policy and Regulatory developments

  • Upcoming F-gas regulation revision: After 5 years, Japan’s F-Gas Law is planned to be reviewed, with the process starting in 2020. The revision represents an opportunity to address the lack of ambition in some aspects in comparison to F-Gas regulation in Europe.
  • The IEC vote and ongoing HC risk assessment are affecting the hydrocarbons market as it expands from the light commercial sector into a wider range of applications in commercial refrigeration.
  • Ongoing subsidies by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment continue to drive the market for NatRefs in commercial and industrial refrigeration applications.

Rapidly evolving market dynamics

  • Industrial Refrigeration: Low charge ammonia based solutions are now competing with CO2 TC systems being newly offered by several players.
  • Commercial Refrigeration: CO2 TC condensing units have been the traditional NatRef solution for Japanese retailers. Recent years, however, have shown an increased acceptance of hydrocarbon plug-in showcases and in 2019 there was an emergence of a new proposition: R290 water loop systems.
  • Light commercial refrigeration & other applications: Japan has always been a strong R&D hub with Kigali bringing a wave of attention and investment into HFC-free solutions. In 2020, we expect to see new technologies harnessing the power of natural refrigerants in new and specialised industries

Conference programme will include: 

  • Keynote presentations 
  • Global and regional policy, regulations and standards           
  • Technology end user presentations 
  • Market & technology trends
  • Latest innovative technology presentations  
  • Networking events & more! 

February 2020 is THE time to be in Tokyo with other important industry events happening such as:

Conference attendees will include end users, policy makers, manufacturers, researchers, academia, NGOs, associations, media, consultants and other relevant key industry experts & thought leaders! 



Welcome & Introduction by Jan Dusek, shecco

Presentations by government representatives and industry experts on the latest regulatory issues and standards regarding natural refrigerants on both Japanese and internationl level.


Chair: Jan Dusek

Hidekazu Kuraya, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Takashi Shimokyoda, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Chihiro Kaneko, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Marek Zgliczynski, Chair of the IEC SC61C subcommittee

Coffee, tea and light snacks will be served in the sponsors exhibition area during this networking break.

Strategic and visionary presentations will be given by leading industry representatives on market trends and developments, followed by technology leadership round table discussion.


Chair: Jan Dusek, shecco

Hiroyuki Tominaga, Panasonic

Katsuhiko Harada, Nihon Netsugen Systems

Makoto Ehara, Mayekawa

Hiroyuki Juri, Food Techno Engineering 

Networking lunch will be served in the sponsors exhibition area.

Leading end users will share their experiences using different types of natural refrigerant technologies, including benefits, challenges and future plans.


Chair: Rena Okabe, shecco

Shinichiro Uto, Lawson

Kenji Funamori, Metro Cash & Carry Japan

Akio Masuda, Japan Chain Store Association

Masashi Yokosawa, AP Company

The 2nd AnnualAccelerate Japan Awards will recognize companies and individuals leading the transition to natural refrigerant-based technologies.

Award categories include:

  • Best in Sector – Food Retail
  • Best in Sector – Light Commercial
  • Best in Sector – Industrial
  • Innovation of the Year

Leading end users will share their experiences using different types of natural refrigerant technologies, including benefits, challenges and future plans.


Chair: Rena Okabe, shecco

Takahiro Suzuki, AEON

Tatsuya Tamura, Tokyu Department Store

Akio Motohashi, Kokubu Group

Kenichi Suzuki, Hamamatsu Itaku Soko

Shigekatsu Koganemaru, Japan Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

During the networking break that will take place in the sponsors exhibiition area, coffee, tea and snacks will be served.

Innovative technology case studies by leading companies active in the Japanese market.


Chair: Jan Dusek, shecco


Hinako Sato, Mayekawa, Actual energy consumption of NewTon NH3/CO2 system versus freon-based system for vacuum freeze drying food processing

Satoshi Tabei, Panasonic, Development of CO2 transcritical rack and water-cooled systems for cold storage and food processing

Taisuke Aoyama, Food Techno Engineering, Development of CO2 transcritical water-cooled system with heat recovery plus two years of operational data for a CO2 rack in food processing

Innovative technology case studies by leading companies active in the Japanese market.


Chair: Jan Dusek, shecco


Tadao Sekiguchi, Carel, Case study of a CO2 TC ejector in Asia and potential in Japan plus plug-in R290 freezer with BLDC technology

Guilherme Figueiredo, Embraco, Advantage of natural refrigerants (R290 / R600a) in plug-in equipment in the retail and foodservice sectors in Japan

Hiroaki Kuroishi, Nihon Nestugen Systems, An actual installation of a CO2 brine chiller plus development of an energy efficient CO2 system with parallel compression and ejector technology

Summary of the conference and conclusions by Jan Dusekshecco.

Networking dinner reception at Something Delicious on the 3rd floor of the Conference Center.


General Manager of Logistics Group, Kokubu Group

AKIO MOTOHASHI participated in various projects such as “Logistics strategy formulationproject“, Expansion of Logistics Business“, Reconstruction of distribution bases“, Improvement of physical distribution quality. AKIO MOTOHASHI is promoting realization of logistics measures by making full use of his knowledge, experience, and personal connections. AKIO MOTOHASHI also promotes the use of natural refrigerants from the viewpoint of environmental conservation.

Chihiro Kaneko

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Guilherme Figueiredo


Food Market Division, Mayekawa

Hinako Sato has engaged heat engineering at food process since she joined Mayekawa in 2016. Currently, she is promoting the use of natural refrigerants the freeze-dried food process. She likes traveling and takes a deep interest in environmental issues from the traveling experiences.

Hiroaki Kuroishi

Nihon Nestugen Systems

Cold Chain Business Division Director, Appliance Company , Panasonic

1991 Apr - Joined “ Panasonic Corporation“ ( as “ Matsushita Electric Works“ ) 2005 Apr - R&D Planning Dept – R&D Management planning Dept . Manager 2010 Oct - Energy system business promotion Center - Center Manager 2014 Mar - Corporate Strategy Div. Business Creatio Project Planning team leader 2016 Apr - Appliance Company Company Strategy Div. Food Distribution Business Development Center – General Manager 2018 Apr - Appliance Company Cold Chain Business Division General manager – Domestic Area 2019 Apr - Appliance Company - Cold Chain Business Division Division Director

Chief Operating Officer & Head of APAC, ATMOsphere

Jan holds a Doctor of Engineering degree in System Design from Hosei University in Tokyo and a Master’s degree from the Czech Technical University in Prague. During his studies, and research undertaken in the USA, Europe and Japan, Jan has centered his academic focus on environmental technologies and marketing strategies. Having lived in Japan for over 13 years, Jan communicates fluently in Japanese and has a rich experience cooperating with Japanese industry. Jan is currently based in Tokyo, responsible for business/market development activities and monitoring Asian markets on behalf of ATMOsphere Japan. He is also the global COO for ATMOsphere (formerly shecco).

President, Nihon Netsugen Systems

Mr. Harada is the president of Nihon Netsugen Systems; manufacturer of chillers and heat pump systems partnering with GEA Refrigeration Technology in Germany. Mr. Harada takes leadership in introducing European CO2 supermarket cooling systems to Japan. In addition, Nihon Netsugen Systems manufactures natural refrigerant products like ammonia and propane chiller systems. Mr. Harada holds Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Keio University, and Master of Arts in Economics from New York University. Prior to his current carrier, he worked as a journalist for the political division of NHK – Public TV Japan.

Asset Management Manager, Metro Cash & Carry Japan

Specialties : Store facility construction and management, Energy management,Security and Operational monitoring, with 30 year experience in Retail.

Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy, Ministry of the Environment, Government of Japan

Mr. KURAYA has been in charge of global environmental issues, waste management and water & air environmental management at the Japanese Ministry of the Environment (also at MHLW and MLIT). He holds the position of the Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy at the Climate Change Policy Division in the Global Environment Bureau. 2014 Director for management of Climate Change Office, Environmental Policy Division, Road Transport Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. 2016 Professor, Public Policy School, Hokkaido University. 2019 Director of the Office of Fluorocarbons Control Policy, Climate Change Policy Division, Global Environment Bureau, Ministry of the Environment.

General Manager, Mayekawa

Makoto Ehara joined Mayekawa in 1987. He has been involved in thermal engineering in various fields such as cold store, fishing boats, and food factories. In recent years, as a food factory expert, he has been proposing new uses of heat pump technology in food production processes.


Chair of the IEC SC61C subcommittee

Marek Zgliczynski studied at the Turin Politechnic in Italy where he earned his degree in mechanical engineering. In 1979, after completing his degree, Marek began his career as a researcher and project leader of new product development at Aspera Spa. A few years later, Marek transitioned to Embraco, becoming the Manager of Compressor Design. His successful efforts led to many promotions, including European Commercial Product and Technology Manager, Commercial Refrigeration Product Corporate Director and Corporate Fellow Researcher for the Commercial Refrigeration Segment. Throughout his career, Marek has earned three U.S. patents and Gold Whirlpool Quality Team Award and he has published several pieces of literature for international conferences and events about refrigeration technology. In 2016, he was elected to a Chair of the IEC/SC61C Committee, in charge of the development of international product safety standards for refrigeration segment. He is also member in several other standardization bodies like ISO TC86/SC1/WG1, CEN TC182WG6 and WG12, IEC SC61DWG16 and UL STP471, Ashrae Member.

Executive Officer General Manager, Brand Development Office, Sales Division, AP Company

Responsible for the retail and restaurant business as a brand manager at Hirata Bokujyo, a large company in the livestock industry. Joined AP Company after the Great East Japan Earthquake with the mission of “creating fisheries from izakaya”, he is contributing to society through restaurants.

Manager / Products Engineering Department, Cold-Chain Business Division, Appliances, Panasonic.

Satoshi joined the Company SANYO Electric Co. in 1998 as an Experienced Engineering of Condensing Units. In 2009, he worked at Dalian Sanyo Compressor (China) as an Engineering Manager / Development Department. In 2014, started working at Panasonic Appliance Compressor Dalian (China) as an Engineering Manager / Development Department. In 2016 he worked as Chief Engineer / Refrigeration System Development Department, Refrigeration And Air-Conditioning Devices Business Division, Appliances Company of Panasonic. In 2017 he became Manager / Refrigeration System Development Department, Cold-Chain Business Division, Appliances Company of Panasonic. In 2018 he started as Manager / Products Engineering Department, Cold-Chain Business Division, Appliances Company of Panasonic.

President, Yoshio Ice Manufacturing Refrigeration

One of the board members of Japan Association of Refrigerated Warehouses; he lectures at technical seminars of the association for cold warehouses owners or engineers.

Architect, Energy Management, Lawson

Mr. Uto is in charge of the Store Development Division within Lawson, a Japanese leader in CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems installed in convenience stores (CVS). Mr. Uto's role encompasses the construction planning and promotion of Lawson's stores featuring the latest environmental technologies. Besides a specialty in CO2 refrigeration systems, Mr. Uto also carries out other energy saving measures in Japan and overseas.

Sales Manager, CAREL Japan

fter spending 18 years at Cabot Corporation and 19 years at Emerson Japan, both in sales within the country, Tadao Sekiguchi now works at CAREL Japan as a Sales Manager, focusing on electronic expansion valves.

Taisuke Aoyama

Food Techno Engineering

CSR Department, Aeon Co., Ltd.

Joined JUSCO Co., Ltd. (Currently, Aeon Co., Ltd.) in 2000. Accumulated significant experiences through Corporate Secretarial, Business Alliance, and Start-up New Business in the Aeon Group HQ before assigned to work in the Ministry of the Environment (MOE). After coming back from MOE, currently have a responsible role of formulating and pursuing the mid-and-long term Environmental Strategies of the Aeon Group including “Aeon Decarbonization Vision 2050”.

General Human Resources Office, General Affairs Department Facility Manager , Tokyu Department Store











Chief Operating Officer Head of APAC

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