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Blupura is an Italian manufacturer of high quality and high design drinking water coolers and water fountains. The company follows an eco-friendly philosophy: the cold water produced by their water coolers is not only an affordable, efficient and safe alternative to bottled water, but Blupura is also the first water-cooler manufacturer in the world to use compressors with natural refrigerant gases (R290) with zero impact on global warming. Known as the Hospitality Specialist, Blupura provides the Fontemagna models for the Horeca industry, the City range contains outdoor and indoor fountains, and Wave water-coolers are designed for the office. Within its product range Blupura has added Blusoda, the smallest high-end water cooler for the domestic sector that works with a natural refrigerant gas. For the North American market in particular, Blupura offers both drinking water coolers and water fountains with R290 (110 V).