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Carnot Refrigeration was established in 2008 with the goal of addressing several issues in the supermarket sector : increasing energy costs, uncontrollable leaks of polluting refrigerants, redundant maintenance costs, lack of reliability of systems etc. Thanks to a gradual and thorough innovation process, Carnot Refrigeration succeeded to design and develop an optimal CO2 refrigeration system, now recognized by many associations and clients (GreenChill, ASHRAE, Green Building Council etc.). It has taken the lead in its field by creating eco-efficient CO2 systems, providing high-efficiency options such as heat reclaim or innovative defrost processes. Carnot Refrigeration is the company with the most GreenChill platinum-level certifications and one of the most experienced companies in CO2 refrigeration in North America, meeting the needs of supermarkets, refrigerated warehouses as well as sports facilities (arenas).