CIMCO’s product offering includes packaged refrigeration systems using screw, reciprocating, rotary, centrifugal or oil-free compressors designed for various refrigerants including R744 and R717. More widely known for their ammonia technology used in warehouses and their ECO CHILL ice-rink solutions, CIMCO also works in collaboration with their suppliers to develop NH3/CO2 systems for mainstream industrial adoption.

CIMCO was founded in 1913 as The Canadian Ice Machine Company Ltd and in 1969 was purchased by Toromont Industries Ltd, a public Canadian company traded on the T.S.E. CIMCO Refrigeration’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Toronto, Ontario, with secondary assembly plants located in Alabama, Nova Scotia, and Alberta. The company has sales and service offices in every major city in Canada and various strategic locations covering the USA.