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Cold Front Technologies Asia, Inc. was founded on the idea of combining the innovative and progressive attitude of Silicon Valley with decades of experience and expertise in the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry in the Philippines.

The team has over 20 years of experience in selling, installing, maintaining, and servicing refrigeration, freezing and air-conditioning units in various groceries, department stores, bulk retail stores and industrial sites throughout the Philippines. 

Cold Front has earned the support and commitment of its international partners such as AHT, Arneg, Freor, InCold, InTrac, Kider, LG and Oscartielle. In fact, Cold Front is the exclusive COOLPOINT partner and distributor of AHT Cooling Systems GmbH for the Philippines.

Cold Front also has the honor and distinction of being the first and only company to successfully install the newest, most innovative refrigeration technology in the Philippines: Water Loop systems (also known as Hydro Loop systems).  To date, Cold Front has installed 4 Water Loop systems — making the company an industry leader with the most number of full-store installations in all of Asia. As such, Cold Front is now considered the leading expert in the region and has serviced and installed Water Loop systems in Japan and Cambodia.