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Since its foundation in 1983 by the current President, Igino Bresolin, CREA has been working successfully in the field of air conditioning and industrial refrigeration.

The company headquarters at Bellusco (MB), covering an area of 9,000 m2 with over 1,500 m2 dedicated to production. To guarantee its operation covers all parts of Italy, the company is opearating a branch office in Scandicci (FI).

In 2004, Crea started to produce, install and provide assistance on refrigeration systems with natural CO2 refrigerant.The refrigeration systems made by CREA follow high standards in the design, production and management of the entire refrigeration system, respecting the environment.

Other than the Italian market, our systems have been sold to customers in China, Norway, Luxemburg, Turkey, Russia, Libya, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Chile.

CREA’s CO2 technical evolution:
2004 – The first low temperature subcritical R744 (CO2) test plant made in CREA test laboratory.
2005 – Production of the first low temperature subcritical R744 (CO2) plant.
2006 – The first pumped R744 (CO2) system made in CREA test laboratory.
2007 – Production of first pumped R744 (CO2) system.
2011 – First permanent transcritical R744 (CO2) system made for CREA test laboratory.
2012 – Production of first transcritical R744 (CO2) plant.