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Efficient Energy GmbH, a manufacturer and system supplier based in Feldkirchen near Munich, Germany is among the most innovative providers of environmentally-friendly refrigeration technology. 

The company uses pure water (R718) as the refrigerant in its eChiller product range, thereby entirely avoiding fluorinated refrigerants and offering outstanding energy efficiency. The eChillers already comply with the F-Gas Directive and any refrigerant-related safety requirement, in addition to that their cooling capacities range from 20 to 45 kW depending on model, and the individual units can be scaled modularly to up to 300 kW.

Efficient Energy GmbH helps its customers overcome the increasing regulatory challenges of refrigeration technology,and offers them long-term, sustainable solutions. The company was awarded for its products with the Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2017 in the category “DC Air Conditioning & Cooling”, the “RAC Cooling Industry Award 2017”, the “Partslife Umweltpreis 2017” and the “Deutscher Kältepreis 2016”.