Euroklimat logo, organisation in the HVAC&R industry, partners of ATMOsphere Conferences

Established in 1963, Euroklimat designs and produces refrigeration units, heat pumps and precision air conditioners that can be used both for industrial processes and traditional comfort applications. The company’s head offices are located in Italy, near Milan. The Italian factory has over 6,000 m2 of floor space,with 60 employees.

In 2006 Euroklimat, first in Italy,  decided to invest in natural refrigerants: many years of research and tests have given very good results.

Efficiency maximization, energy saving and respect for the planet being the key objectives of Euroklimat’s corporate philosophy, the company aims to become a market leader in the construction of R290 propane chillers, helping the industry to become more efficient, preserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Euroklimat preserves the belief that customer satisfaction is an indispensable factor for success: constant improvement of products, services and production processes are primary objectives to achieve this result.